Does My Danio Have Eggs?

  1. Angelfishlover123124125

    Angelfishlover123124125 Valued Member Member

    20170804_171833.jpg I've had this leopard dsnio for a long time and she never layed any eggs so im wondering if she's just fat.But she rarely eats.

    There are males in the tank.
    Tank mates:Angelfish (i know about the different temperatures but the danios were from a previous tank)
    Temperature:can't remember but the right temp for the angels.
    There are 2 male danios and one female.She's been like this for over a month and a half.

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  2. kayla.s

    kayla.s Well Known Member Member

    My female zebra danio is a lot fatter than males. Think the female is usually plumper in general
  3. sfsamm

    sfsamm Well Known Member Member

    Female Danios are just naturally more round than the males. She probably is laying eggs but you'd be hard pressed to actually see them as Danios are very efficient at eating their eggs and any fry whose eggs they may have missed... I've actually had Danios almost consistently in my tanks and I never saw a fry make it to free swimming until this week when I took a small school of celestial pearl danios out of a tank and then had that tank end up leaking and had to move everyone to a different tank... Last thing before I drained the last bit of water out I had a danio fry swimming... Probably the only reason it made it to free swimming stage was because the parents had been removed from the tank several days prior.
  4. V

    Vourg New Member Member

    i always see my danios laying eggs. first you'll notice that the female will really get a big rounded belly after that when she's ready to lay eggs she will be constantly followed by the male/males all around the tank and she would go to the substate to lay eggs fertilized by the male. unfortunately it has become an egg festival for my tiger barbs who loves to eat their eggs all the time.
  5. OP

    Angelfishlover123124125 Valued Member Member

    She's been with a rounded belly for almost 2 months now