Does My Betta Fish Look Like It Has Fin Rot?

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HI there. I bought a black orchid betta about two weeks ago. He blows lots of bubbles and seems to be quite happy since being in his new planted tank, but his fins look a little off to me. When I seen him in the store, I noticed a lot of the betta did have fin rot because it was very obvious. My betta was the healthiest looking one there who was (and still is) quite active. He is a crowntail though, and as a beginner to fish keeping, it is much harder for me to tell if this fish has something like fin rot.

I hope someone on the forum could help me figure something out. Do you think my betta fish could have fin rot (or another disease), or are crowntail fins just this lacerated looking? I'll attach a photo or two. The photo of the fish under my red/blue light is just this morning, and the clear photo (bright light) is about a week ago.


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Plastic plants are not recommended for bettas because they can tear up the fish's fins. I would remove your plastic plants and replace them with either live plants or silk faux plants and keep the water quality optimal.
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Crowntails do naturally have fins that look torn up like that. Personally I don't see anything on his fins that make me worry. I do agree with FrostedFlakes, generally its not ideal to use plastic plants for bettas. Their big fins easily tear and get caught on the plastic. I've found silk plants to be most ideal for bettas or live plants depending on your lighting.
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