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Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by josh7, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. josh7Well Known MemberMember

    Do different betta species have different temperaments like are half moons more or less aggressive than normal bettas or does it just depend on the individual betta.
  2. pirahnah3

    pirahnah3Fishlore VIPMember

    more so on the individual betta really.
  3. CichlidnutFishlore VIPMember

    Betta splendens are all the same species. Different fin types are still the same species.

    I've heard the the Veil Tail Bettas are supposed to be more aggressive than the other fin types. I like Plakat bettas because they can swim easier and I love the look.

  4. soltarianknight

    soltarianknightFishlore VIPMember

    There are 2 betta splendens. Wild and domesticated. We are talking domesticated.
    Agression is ALL on the individual, though buying a plakat specificly breed for fighting by the breeder(choose your thai breeders wisley) will have more agression.

    From stores or regualr betta farms any betta can have more agression then the other, all bettas have agression, simpley put. Some just have a shorter fuse. Any 1 betta is capable of being great with a community of fish, or slaughtering them. Now, there are some other things to look at.

    And agressive Female betta, with the exception of a plakat, will be more dangerous then a equaly agressive male. The females are stronger, shorter finned, faster and more agile. Of course with PK and HMPK they are shortfinned for the purpose of being able to fight fast and dangerously, so a agressive Pk VS a equaly agressive VT will normaly resualt in a dead VT, simply because the plakat can move faster, you can also see that plakats have a stronger body build.

    My advice, dont hold steak infront of a lion and tell him he cant have it. Bettas are individuals, they will do wha they want when they want so long as they have the means to do it.

    EDIT: For the sake of the base of the question i fugured id say this, Betta Splendens Domesticated (lets say Betta Splendens.D) Is possibly the most agressive betta bottomline periode. Most wild species do not have even a fraction of the hostility shown, not even wild splendens which are kept in groups belive it or not. In fact, if i had it my way, and many other would agree with this, the Term "Betta Splendens" shouldnt apply to domestic bettas. 1. they look/act NOTHING like their relatives and 2.their not even splendens, their cross mixes between multiple species.

    They should simply rename it Betta domestic.

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  5. MD Angels

    MD AngelsWell Known MemberMember

    Good points by SK.
    I was also going to say that plakats and giants are more aggressive, BUT, it otherwise is really dependant on the individual betta. :)
  6. CichlidnutFishlore VIPMember

    Soo buying a blood fighter on aquabid won't be a super friendly fish?!
  7. OP

    josh7Well Known MemberMember

    Okay was just looking at half moon crowntails and normal bettas at my lfs so I guess it will just depend on the individual.
  8. MD Angels

    MD AngelsWell Known MemberMember

    It really is. But as a "general rule" bettas don't get along well with other fish. Not to say that it isn't impossible, because there are people on here that have bettas in community tanks, and have no problems (tank size, tank mates, hiding places, etc. are all important here).
    I have had viel tails be super aggressive, and some that were very laid back. I have 2 half moons now, and one seems more aggressive than the other (the little one, of course ;)) and then I also have a crown tail that seems pretty aggressive.

    I have never personally kept males in a community tank, but I have kept females with no problems.
    I find the more aggressive ones are the ones that really react to you more. You can wave at them from across the room and they will get excited and "dance". :;pickle

    Are you planning on putting the betta in a community tank, or will it be solitary?
  9. LyndaB

    LyndaBFishlore LegendMember

  10. OP

    josh7Well Known MemberMember

    It's not going in a community it will be going into a 5 gallon with maybe 2 African dwarf frogs or just a apple snail
  11. Lucy

    LucyModeratorModerator Member

    A 5g isn't enough for 2 frogs and a betta.
    Bio-load wise, 5g is absolute minimum for 2 ADF's alone.
    From experience the nitrates can rise quickly.

    Apple snails create a lot of waste. Too much for a 5g imo.
  12. soltarianknight

    soltarianknightFishlore VIPMember

    A good rule, dont buy bettas on AB labled "fighters" or marked with a star system. Of course this is if you dont want to support betta fighting. If you could care less then buy as you see fit. IMO a betta and frogs in a 5gal is just a no. I know we have a memeber on here thats pretty adamant about their setup(which is the same) but take it from personal experince, bettas and ADF dont mix. The frogs will simply starve.
  13. MD Angels

    MD AngelsWell Known MemberMember

    Depending on the betta, you may or may not be able to get away with adding anything. Some bettas won't tolerate any tank mates, snails, shrimp or fish. You can try a few nerite snails. They came in several varieties, like the zebra, ruby/tracked, and horned type. I have a horned zebra, an olive horned, and a ruby. :) They are very good with algae too.

    I would try one of these with a betta first, since they are slow moving, and their antennae don't protrude like apples to be nipped.

    Would you like these?

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