Does Guppy Fry Create Lot Of Ammonia? Question

  1. p

    peterphonic Valued Member Member


    My spec :
    - 23 gallon
    - ph : 7,6
    - Temp : 74f
    - ammonia : 0,25
    - nitrite : 0,25
    - nitrate : 10

    Inhabitant :
    - 6 guppies
    - 10 neon tetra
    - 20 guppy fry

    So, long story short, I am wondering if my 15 days old 20 or so guppy fry creates lots of ammonia? I have a problem right now with a small ammonia/nitrate spike and I am wondering if it is coming from my fry or my newly added (6 days ago) neon tetra.

    date===ammonia=== nitrite = nitrate == ph == comment
  2. Crafty Cichlid

    Crafty Cichlid Valued Member Member

    I'm going to go with both. The babies eat a lot, and feeding them is also contributing to the ammonia, both because it's being turned into waste by the fish that eat it, and what doesn't get eaten rots. Without actually looking at the tank, or knowing your filter size, that looks like a very high bioload.
  3. OP

    peterphonic Valued Member Member

    I have an aquaclear 50. I just released almost all of them today in the tank. They are already too big to be eaten by my adult guppies.

  4. Crafty Cichlid

    Crafty Cichlid Valued Member Member

    They might spike the ammonia in the 50, but that should come back down once the BB in the filter catches up.