Does driftwood cause yellowing in the water?

Discussion in 'Driftwood' started by e_watson09, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. e_watson09Well Known MemberMember

    Well in my 50 gallon tank I added 5 pretty large pieces of drift wood about two days ago then I started to notice the water had a yellow tint today. I figured it was just because the tank got dirty but unfortunatly I really don't think that's the case since my tank has never turned yellow so I'm thinking it's the driftwood. I just did about a 40% water change and it's helped a little but I have a feeling its going to come back in a little bit. Could the driftwood be the cause of this? Then my next question is how to fix this?
  2. btate617Well Known MemberMember

    100% normal. Tannins are coming out of the driftwood, once they are all out the water will stop coloring. Water changes will help.

    When you see posts about people soaking driftwood for long periods of time before adding it to their tanks this is the reason. They soak the wood and do water changes on the bin the wood is in until all the tannins have been released then they put the wood into their tanks.

    It won't harm your tank in anyway.


  3. w_boughnerValued MemberMember

    yes its the wood . my buddy has wood in his tank and its always got a yellowish tinge to the water
  4. e_watson09Well Known MemberMember

    hummm okay. I was just wondering because all of these pieces came out of a friends tank and they were in there for like a year and a half but then they sat out of the water for a while after.
  5. brokenwingWell Known MemberMember

    I have had driftwood in my tank for 3 months, and the water still has a yellow brown tint. I have heard driftwood can leach tannins for over a year.
  6. MeenuFishlore VIPMember

    there're ways to get the tannins out. some people like the look of the yellow water because it looks more natural.
  7. NutterFishlore VIPMember

    Excellent advice above. Frequent water changes or using activated carbon will help keep the tannins under control. You will need to change the carbon fairly often if it's leeching alot. Keep an eye on the Ph until you establish how much it is being effected. Tannins lower the PH of water.
  8. joshua 74Valued MemberMember

    i yoused carbon bith littel efect i found zorb works really well.
  9. e_watson09Well Known MemberMember

    I don't put chemicals in my tanks unless I absolutely have to. So since the fish don't mind it I guess I don't either :p

    If it starts looking really yellow I just clean it and then it's good for another week or so haha. It helps me keep up on my water changes that's for sure! But thanks for the advice and all the only thing I will ever put in my tank is water conditioner and when I start a new tank I use this stuff that helps kick start your tank. (It has benefitial bacteria in a bottle basically)

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