Does Anyone Know What’s On My Driftwood??

Discussion in 'Driftwood' started by hannah662parker, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. hannah662parker

    hannah662parkerValued MemberMember


    I got a piece of driftwood from petsmart a couple days ago, and today I noticed something weird. I hope you can see it on the pictures okay. Does anyone know what this could be?? It looks like a film, or underwater spider webs. None of my fish seem bothered or contaminated by it. It’s just on that one part of the driftwood. Can anyone tell me what this is??

  2. ricosdi2000

    ricosdi2000New MemberMember

    I think that is the good bacteria collecting on it...
  3. OP

    hannah662parkerValued MemberMember

    I hope that’s true and that it is good!!
  4. Crispii

    CrispiiWell Known MemberMember

    That's biofilm.
  5. loner556

    loner556Valued MemberMember

    Looks like the fungus that is pretty typical when adding wood to the aquarium. It should go away in a few days to a few weeks.

    Did you boil the piece before putting into the tank? I've had good luck with boiling 1st and have not had a lot of stuff growing on mine.

    On another note, that wood looks like it may be a piece of grape wood. If it is, it probably won't last long in the aquarium as grape wood tends to break down pretty quickly under water.
  6. ricosdi2000

    ricosdi2000New MemberMember

    LOL...Me too, every time I pick up something it feels I am guessing you took a picture of the slime.
  7. OP

    hannah662parkerValued MemberMember

    That’s a relief that it’s common. And no, I didn’t boil it. But that sucks, having gotten the wood at petsmart I’m sure it’s not the best quality. Do you have any types of wood you’d recommend for the future??
  8. Crispii

    CrispiiWell Known MemberMember

    I don't recommend collecting woods outside as it may leach out toxins in the water, but other than that, I recommend any type of wood that you like as long as it isn't being collected outside.
  9. Manan

    MananValued MemberMember

    I'm going through the same thing with my driftwood at the moment!
    I think mine is Malaysian driftwood. Looks beautiful, and got it at my lfs (was kinda ridiculously expensive though lol)
  10. loner556

    loner556Valued MemberMember

    I used Malaysian driftwood and have had good results. I have to get it at a LFS though as none of the big chains seem to have anything good.

    Was the wood labeled as Mopani wood? Did it sink immediately when you put it in the tank?
  11. OP

    hannah662parkerValued MemberMember

    I was only labeled as “driftwood” but it did sink pretty immediately, one side floated for a couple seconds
  12. loner556

    loner556Valued MemberMember

    If it sank immediately, that's a good sign. May not be grape wood then. Just keep an eye on it.
  13. kallililly1973

    kallililly1973Well Known MemberMember

    Like others have said all new driftwoods will form a sort of film on them and eventually go away or be eaten by your inhabitants. It's harmless from my experience. Manzanita Driftwood is great doesn't change water parameters its super hard and lasts a long time in the tanks. I got the small variety pack and it comes with a bunch of random pieces. Mopani is nice too if you don't mind tannins being in your tank for a long time. I only rinse my driftwood and drop it in the tank and when it sinks then i position it the way i like it. Good luck.
  14. ystrout

    ystroutWell Known MemberMember

    It's normal.

    I don't know what it is. Looks like a fungus or algae. My wood grew something similar when I put it in.