Does Anyone Have Experience With This Decoration?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquarium Builds' started by saddleupjep, May 24, 2019.

  1. saddleupjep Valued Member Member

    I hope this is the right place to post this.
    I bought this decoration at Walmart a while back. They've carried it in aquarium decor for a very long time. I widened the holes quite a bit, and sanded the edges smooth to prevent any potential damage to my fish. 5 days after I added it, fin rot set in. I can't help but wonder if this contributed somehow. It's some kind of ceramic I guess, it feels like a terra cotta pot. It shatters like it too. Just wondering if anyone else has had any issues, or if I'm just being paranoid about it. If it's safe I'm putting it back in the tank. 

  2. DanInJakarta Valued Member Member

    Terra cotta is a clay. I don't know how that will cause fin rot. Fin rot is a bacterial or fungal infection.
  3. Crimson_687 Valued Member Member

    Within those 5 days, did anything else change in your tank? Did something happen that may have stressed your fish? Perhaps an ammonia spike or a temperature spike? If the item may have damaged fins somehow despite your sandpapering that would make the fish more likely to get fin rot. Was the item on a shelf or in a tank? If it was on a shelf then I don’t see a way for the item to directly give fin rot. you can always thoroughly rinse out the item, quarantine the item (usually done for snails, but I don’t see how it could hurt) or if absolutely necessary, disinfect it carefully then soak it in water conditioner, though disinfecting the item is only done in extreme cases, during epidemical outbreaks, or when harsh chemicals (may include lotions, soaps, scents) are dumped in tank

    Though I don’t see how the item could have anything to do with fin rot...
  4. saddleupjep Valued Member Member

    Nothing was out of the ordinary. I know with some fish the fins can tear on decor, which was the only thing I can think of. I did the pantyhose test and washed it carefully before adding it to the tank.
    I suppose I'm just grasping for some explanation for sudden illness. Thanks.
  5. Seasoldier Well Known Member Member

    If it's ceramic or terracotta it will be inert the only way it could cause any illness is if it was contaminated by something.