Does Anyone Have Experience Of Using Betta Choice Canister Filter 700 U.v

Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by pagoda, Jul 18, 2019.

  1. pagoda

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    Me again, I'm sorry, more questions about external filters

    As said before I have never used external filters before so totally green on what they do differently to the usual internal (and messy) filters.

    Basically as someone with physical disability I am finding internal filters a pain in the posterior to service and the ones that came with the aquariums are seriously weak and basic, so looking for something more meaty that will do a better job of what is required please.

    So I have come across this one....Betta Choice Canister filter 700 U.V

    The flow is 700 litres per hour, it has a 7w UV gizmo plus three stage filtration, the capacity of the cannister is 5.8 litres

    My aquariums are 84 litres each and the filter is recommended for aquariums of a max 150 litres

    I am just wondering if anyone has experience of using this brand/type and what the pro's and con's might be please

    Many thanks in advance....and sorry for being a nuisance

    More information here :
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    Giving this a bump up for you hope you get some responses today
  3. 86 ssinit

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    It looks similar to the sun sun filters. Yes that would be good for your tank. More than enough. Is it easier to work es and no. Once it gets going it will need to be cleaned less than an hob but the cleaning is a little harder. This filter may run 2-3 months before needing to be cleaned. You have to figure out when it needs to be cleaned. If all is well in tank check it in a month. Open it up and clean it out in water change water. Than wait 2 months for the next cleaning (if you see no problems) if it’s still looking cleanish wait 3 months the next time andso on. What I like to do is put a sponge over the intake tube and clean that at every water change. So once a week rinse the sponge and reinstall it.
  4. OP

    pagodaValued MemberMember

    Thank you @86 ssinit

    The sponge over the intake sounds like a good plan, a bit of extra cleaning help.....very useful when the Corys and Pleco are digging & making a mess everywhere :eek:

    Thank you again for your insight & advice, I very much appreciate that :)
  5. hanra85

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    Personally I love my canister filters, I wouldn't trade them for anything right now... However, that being said I don't mind all the work it requires cleaning them out, the in and outflow lines will gunk up and they are fairly heavy to move for cleaning when they're full of water. Aquaclear or Tidal filters are great options for hang on back, I'd probably consider that over the canister...
  6. OP

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    Unfortunately there is no space for a filter hanging off the back. Both aquariums are tight up against the wall and one is surrounded on two sides by shelving units and the other is tucked tween the fireplace and doorway. So its either going to have to be a seriously strong internal, which I want to avoid as they take too much room inside the aquarium or an external cannister type that will sit under the aquarium on the stand shelf
  7. hanra85

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    Understandable, I'd definitely recommend a pre-filter sponge if you can get one for the intake to cut down on a bit of extra maintenance. Canisters are great options though, I've never heard of this brand in Canada so I can't vouch for that one specifically.