Does Anyone else have Tank Dream NITEMARES?!

  1. Crissandra331 Member Member

    So I had another one last night, somebody was cleaning my tanks specifically the glass ( I have a dual stand 30G below 65G above) They were cleaning it with such veracity it was tipping back and fourth about to timber over! I don't remember what happened next.

    I get these dreams a few nights a month AT LEAST one a week. Another dream was my stand buckling under my 65G in slow motion while I tried to bare the weight.

    Others have been of me having a hoard of tanks and them very poorly stocked with fish I've never seen in my life but most of them resembling Cichlids.

    Dreams of fish jumping out erratically, but the majority is damage to my tank. I don't know if it stems from my lack of confidence in my stand, I don't remember when it started though I've only had my tanks for 5 years so only since then. It's been pretty regular for awhile though. I got my stand 2-3 Winters ago and think that might have been when it got really bad lol

    Anyone else have this?

    I'm gonna get insurance on them at the beginning of the month and see if that calms my conscious any and can get a better nights sleep.
  2. Watermark Member Member

    Are you prone to predictive thoughts or dreams?

  3. Crissandra331 Member Member

    Ehh I feel like I'm very sensitive to peoples feelings and vibes though I've had a few dreams that have occurred almost to a T the next day...But that's been years and always associated it with coincidence. =\ I hope I'm not foreseeing the demise of my tanks!!!!
  4. Crissandra331 Member Member

    Two in one week can't be good SO maybe I'll give Allstate a call tomorrow ;)

  5. Watermark Member Member

    Yikes...I hope you're not either! I dreamed of my father's death every day for a week before it occurred, and when my daughter came to me and said that she needed to tell me something, I said "is it something other than you will have a boy in November?" (nearly 13 years ago) Other than that, my weird (occasionally disturbing) dreams have not been a foreshadow.
    Last night I dreamed that I opened my trunk (that is rarely used) and found a gallon container filled with green water. All the plants AND A BETTA were clear - even his eyes! and I had the impression that somehow the reason was that somehow there was bleach added. I was horrified!
  6. Crissandra331 Member Member

    I can't imagine dreaming things like that! Any dreams I've had that were coincidentally foreshadowed were in my opinion very petty compared to foreseeing a death or a birth!
    I just hate how they can be so realistic! It's like you feel it like your consciously there..

    Almost all my dreams are reoccurring and usually circle around 3 elements (aside from the tank dreams)

    -Being in a Swamp Area that turns to a beach with duns, theirs always crocs and people trying to get me (I've never traveled out of WA or OR)
    -Being at a school or facility and being shot at and chased
    -ALL my teeth falling out and continually spitting them out but have hundreds of teeth?

    Just curious why I can't ever dream some POSITIVE dreams ;)

    Kind of intrigued by the who,what,why, & how's of dreams...but currently more freaked out then intrigued lol
  7. Watermark Member Member

    My youngest daughter watches investigation discovery and she has very vivid, very disturbing dreams. She's 27 and sleeps with the light on! But I can't convince her to dial it back...
    Also, with MY dream about my dad I must say I was paranoid for awhile when my daughter told me she dreamed about me being murdered. GREEEAAAATT lol

  8. Kindafishy Well Known Member Member

    I haven't had dreams or nightmares about my tank, but my internal alarm worked well today. My wife and I try and catch a few extra zzz's on the weekends. Last night I told my brain it would be nice to wake up at 8 or 9 because I really needed to re-scape my tank. Usually, my internal clock works poorly, but I awoke at 8:04 this morning.
  9. Crissandra331 Member Member

    Wow I bet that had you watching your back!! Hopefully this was awhile ago so your still not living in constant paranoia lol. And if it makes your daughter feel better about sleeping with the light on; I'm 24 and still get car sick ;) Got turned away by Allstate by my tanks today but got some very good advice about mounting my tank to the wall so maybe that will create some peace of mind!
    Kindafishy not really sure what I could compare to a tank re-scape in the morning other than a morning tank re-scape, I'd say a deliciously cooked platter full of breakfast foods but that just doesn't compare! ;)
    (also not a huge fan of breakfast foods lol )
  10. Witchydesign Well Known Member Member

    My only fish related dream involves them all mysteriously dissapearing. The tank is there, the plants, just no fish and even the snails are gone. Course usually my son is as well. Thats about when i wake up and make sure hes still in bed lol.

  11. Crissandra331 Member Member

    Aww Maternal Mama Bear tank dreams! Can't even imagine my dreams if I had kids! I use to have really bad dreams of my little doxie getting out in traffic and being hit. Heart drops and it hurts!
  12. Witchydesign Well Known Member Member

    Im glad they arent often. Honestly my bigger nightmares are usually someone breaking in. I was military, so my reactions to bad dreams tend to be jumping out of bed and looking for a weapon. Its probably why im single lol. Ill take dead fish dreams over those any day of the week lol.
  13. Sayba Well Known Member Member

    I once had a dream someone had taken my crayfish out the tank and just left her crawling across the floor for ages, when they told me what they did I found her all dried up and barely alive. No matter how many times I tried to get her back to the tank people kept getting in my way.

    I woke up hating everyone xD I've also dreamed about people accidentally smashing the glass, or knocking it over.

    This is why I don't like people "helping me" with anything tank related.
  14. Crissandra331 Member Member

    Sayba sounds like tank nightmares aren't uncommon as I thought, hopefully I can translate it to more of a protective instinct over the tanks than foreseeing something horrible!
    I had another dream last night, this time I had sharks in my tank lol
    I new I had one coming so that's 3 this week!
    Think I'm going to try mounting it to the wall with brackets and also getting some quake straps, to protect the top tank
    Hopefully the modifications with carry over to dreamland!
  15. cichlidman Well Known Member Member

    Lol do you eat alot of spicy food? Crazy dreams . I have only had one dream of a stand breaking Its a dual 55 gallon stand . After that i built my own =)
  16. Crissandra331 Member Member

    cichlidman how do the dual stands work for you? Before I bought mine I thought I read every review possible on it, all good reviews, and I find mine more wobbly than I'd like it to be for what it's holding! I'm the most bland eater ever but lately I've been crazy chain smoker =/ Apartment life is a big change from the country lol (no excuse, I know)
  17. cichlidman Well Known Member Member

    the 2 i have are the titan ez ones from drfostersmith they are a little unstable but it is steel and its been fine for the last year. If there is going to be a ton of foot traffic near it or little kids id get something else
  18. Castiel* Well Known Member Member


    Sorry to hijack but I was looking at getting the same stand for my tank as you own. What Dual tanks do you run? I planned on getting for my 55g and would hate for it to be a little unstable with half a ton of water. Do you assemble it yourself?
  19. cichlidman Well Known Member Member

    i have the 29 and 55 model
  20. Crissandra331 Member Member

    I have the SAME STAND AND I very very very very much HATE IT! it is the source of my nightmares I SWEAR, I never got them till I got this stand a few winters ago!! I have the 65/30 model.. & I read a bunch of reviews and everyone said it was awesome. I disagree cause it is very unstable @MotoDude104 DOOO NOT GET THIS STAND!!!

    I have THE hardest time cleaning the glass, the simplest amount of pressure on mine and, it rocks very very VERY easily. No foot traffic or kids thankfully, just major paranoia. But I would not recommend this stand to anyone.