Does An Ammonia Removing Filter Prevent A Cycle?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Phillip J. Fry, Apr 15, 2018.

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    I had a tank that started cracking at the end of completing the cycle (fish in and small tank) i planned on upgrading to a 30 gallon after learning the horrible mstake I made but I at this point I had to get one NOW. 5 stores later, the only thing I could find with a stand that would work with my carpet was a 20gallon. Managed to run it for 24 hours with the gravel from old tank. (5 gallon to 20g change here) before it started leaking. Put the fish in and for the moat part gold fish did great pleco did not take the move well and refused to eat. He passed 2 days ago. Goldfish is now stessed out and lethargic. In no point in time of the 2 weeks since the move has my liquid test shown anything. 0s across everything and a ph of 7.5. I did not realize that my filter came with an ammonia removing filter. Is that preventing a cycle and causing stress to my fish?
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    Moving the gravel was a good move, lots of bb will live there. Also the bb lives on the glass (or any hard surface) so by switching tanks you would be losing that. When moving tanks like that, you would want to move over the old filter, even if it's small to run alongside the new one as it will house a great deal of your beneficial bacteria. This allows the new filter to build up bb but it isn't as if you're starting fresh.

    If your tests showed 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, and 0 nitrate, that would be odd. If cycling you should have some ammonia or nitrite and if done cycling you should have at least some nitrate, especially in a new larger tank.

    How often are you testing your water parameters? You could be seeing spikes outside of you test windows.
    Did you acclimate your new fish to the new tank water before plopping them in? If not, that could have been a shocker.

    Until you're sure, I'd treat this tank as a new tank that hasn't cycled yet. I would also remove any ammonia killing filter media as I'm sure that isn't good for your cycle (but i've never used a filter media that claimed to do that, just FYI). The bb does ammonia to feed off of to make nitrite, which then makes nitrate.

  3. Phillip J. FryValued MemberMember

    I'm assuming that bc the filter is removing the ammonia its preventing anything from growing. I have been testing every day and they were acclamated by the drip method over an hour. They have been in this new tank for 2 weeks. I should clarify that I did get a reading of 2.5 for ammonia and my nitrates test started to turn orange, but I still saw it as mainly yellow. I did a 25% water change and that was 3 days ago when I found my bn pleco and im assuming he was gone for 3 days before I found him. My fancy is clammped and in the bottom of the tank. Hes been through a lot in the past 2 months and I don't think he can take much more. I would take the filter out, but I don't want him to have to suddenly deal with ammonia either

    This is the ammonia filter that came with my filter Screenshot_20180415-203322.jpg
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    I personally wouldn't use those, I don't see the need in a healthy tank.
  5. Phillip J. FryValued MemberMember

    Should I just wait for my goldi to pass before I take the filter out? I guess the answer i need now I how I can make him as comfortable as possible before I officially start this cycle I can do the water changes for a fish in cycle but he was finally almost better before he spiraled down again and I dont think he will survive his tail is almost gone. I just don't know what option is more humane...
  6. tropezValued MemberMember

    Not sure on this. Personally I would take out the ammonia blocker. Then do a fresh round of water tests to see what I was dealing with.

    Can you take a bunch of pictures of the tank and hardware you have? That may help us.
  7. Phillip J. FryValued MemberMember

    He came out from the decorations finally but he's still clammped.... 1523846107640.jpg1523846349371.jpg

    Is it possible hes stressed bc there isnt any bb? Im just baffled that after 2 weeks im not getting nitrates.(or anythig for that matter) And i really don't want to take the ammonia filter out to see if that changes anything but im guessing that no matter what I do he is going to suffer...ill do another test and post results.

    I did a 15%wc this morning. I can't get much of a good grasp on the coloring in these light bulbs (i usually step outside to see reading) the ammonia is a little more yellow in person but its turning green(?) The nitates are a little darker yellow in person but not close to orange. Maybe the filter only last 2 weeks anyway? 20180415_220808.jpg

    Better pic 20180415_221324.jpg
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