Does a sump need center support on the top frame?

  1. scottishduck

    scottishduck Valued Member Member

    I just got a 55 gallon tank (48" long) for free. The previous owner did not use it for water so removed the center support of the top frame. The outer frame is still in tact.

    I eventually plan on using the tank for a sump for my eventual saltwater tank. I plan to baffle it several times to make room for several chambers. With this in mind, how crucial is the center support for the tank? If I were using it as a display tank I would absolutely put something in. As it's going to be baffled throughout, I don't know if it needs it to stop potential bowing.

    Anyone have a good answer or a resource for me to look at? Or can point me somewhere that would have additional knowledgeable people on the matter?

  2. OP

    scottishduck Valued Member Member

    I picked up the tank today. I was wrong from the pictures. The tank never had a center brace. I don't know if it's an aquarium made for water or not as the owner had it for land pets in his classroom (crabs, lizards, scorpions).

    It's 48" long, 15.5" width and about 17" tall. The glass looks to be about 5 or 6 mm thick. I think it's 5. Plugging it into the glass calculator here, a safety factor between 1.4 and 2.0. 2.0 is the first point that is listed as "safe."

    I've decided that if I use it as a sump (that is, partially full), I will leave the trim on if possible, and not worry about it. If I use it as a display tank, then I'll add some extra support by way of a custom frame of sorts.