do you think rummy noses would be ok in 7.5ish PH?


i'm having a hard time lowering my ph and since my tap water is near 8.0 I have decided to just accept the fact I might need fish that can tolerate 7.5ish ph. I can manage to get it down that far and so far seems stable at 7.5. I would love a few rummy's but I read they prefer lower ph. anyone have any long term at 7.XX ph?


They like a PH of 5.5 to 7

some other tetras like 6.5 to 7.5

there are some products which lower ph having it about 6.5 to 7 probably has good range of tropical smallish fish

they have a list of them on this website


sorry that this is so late lol... but I have a few rummies, 2 died right when I put them in the tank for unknown reasons.. (probably stress, what else?) I got two replacements at the store, and all of them are doing great, I have had the tank almost 3 weeks now, and they do excelently, our ph is 7.2 - 7.4


You could always buy RO water for your tank. This would probably be the best way to keep them since they are pretty sensitive to water conditions.


I second Kate!
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thanks for the replies. forgot about this post. iv'e decided to not go the RO water route. it just got to be too much of a hastle, too expensive and the last time I bought 5 gallons of it, the guy gave me salt water by mistake, nearly killed all my fish. I still havn't tried the rummies but thanks kayin....that is close to my PH in my cycled tank. I found a neat little fish store, only one locally that has rummy noses. the owner is very knowledgable, very nice guy. going to ask him what the PH is in his rummy nose tank. since he might be using city water it might be close to mine. his all seem very healthy.


I'd just like to point out that your tap water has pH that means the pet store and all of THEIR tanks are pH 8.0 as well. (unless they have a different municipal supply for some reason...)

Fish bought locally need almost no acclimation period because the water parameters are so close anyway. Mine get 10 minutes temperature change, 5 minutes half store water and half mine...then into the tank.

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