Do you think my corydora and fry has fish TB?

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HI guys,

I'm new to the forum for posting, though I have been visiting and reading posts for quite a while, but now I'm in need of your expert advice and option.

Basically its in regards to my corydoras fry (albino and emerald) if they have fish TB.

Here is the histroy, I got 7 albino and 2 green cory from a friend around 17th April, they looked fine, no noticeable issues on them. I conditioned them with bloodworm tablets and other corydora foods either by SERA or JBL. I kept them in 3 groups, the 2 green together and 4 albino together and 3 ablbino togther.

The green pair bred and layed eggs on the 9th may, the eggs hatched on the 11th and 12th may. I fee them liquid food for 1 week or so then moved them other fry food n micro flakes. There were around 200 plus fry I would think. I did 20% to 50% water change daily siphon up all left over food. But by week 2 going to week 3 I noticed some were dying, which I thought it was normal to loose fry as it has sometimes when I bred my goldfish. But I read up amd saw a few posts that people recommended that there is a layer of fine sand as I originally had bare bottom tanks. So I add about 1/4'' of fine sand as other members recommended.

But that kept the morality rate going on, everyday at least 2 or 4 would be dead. I noticed some at times would be sluggish meaning u could easily catch them with your hands, but others were very active unable to catch with hand or nets at all. Those that were sluggish I noticed there tail was bent inwards. When I looked it up online people said bent tail is usually associated with TB.

Like now my fry are 6 weeks old or 7 weeks old I don't expect them to be still dying. Their numbers has been reduced to around 30 to 38 of them. Today I just separated the bent ones and the straight n active ones in different tanks for me to see the behaivor or which else dies especially if from the non bent tank batch.

what I don't understand is if I was fish TB, therefore I would at least see that the parents at least one would have bent tail or something showimg that's not normal right? The parents look healthy and eating n still breeding but now I'm not collecting the eggs until I can solve this with your help.

my water temperate is usually around 25C to 28C. No need for heater as I live in the tropics as the climate is always 24C to 30C nothing less nothing more.

so what you think can be the cause of those fry death at this stage plus bent tail but nothing apparent on the parents.

the albino has also breed some are now 3 weeks old n some 3.5weeks , some are dying too but though I don't notice if the tail are bent cause they too small.

my supply water is usually at pH 7 but my kH is usually 1 or 0, super soft water, I use sodium bicarbonate to raise the pH to keep it around 6.8 to 7.2 as after the pH falls.

one of my friend says it's probably my water is too soft and lacking calcium and I should also try to giv them vitamins in their food to help boost them.

what I want is to eliminate the chance of TB. I'm not someone who keeps fish in poor condition, sometimes I would run a little behind water change but not since I had those cories. I always use a cycled sponge filter with them. Have gentle aeration too in their tank. I even tested the oxygen level, which the results says sufficent for most fishes.

everymorning I would test my ammonia level before water change it would be around 0.5mg/L (ppm)or max 1ppm but I would still change 50% with fresh water.

please help me out n let me know what you think is causing that.

I will try to add photos later. The fry were in a 20G tank, water no more than 6inches high.
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I didn't read one reason why you're expecting this to be fish TB. Try not to think of the worst iimmeditally !!

I think you're giving the answer yourself though !

Ammonia (and certainly with fry!) should be 0,0.

Do daily large waterchanges and think of feeding microworms. Those will survive 24 hours and don't pollute the water as other food.

If you fill buckets with water te day before they will be the exact temp (roomtemperature) the day you'll use it !!! That's not an issue that way.

Soft water won't be the problem.

Regards Aad
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Hahahaha, seems you've seen how I think hahaha. So you definitely think its the ammonia killing them! Wow I never thought at such 0.5ppm would have such effect on them, but that is going to be a nightmare to keep 0 especially over night, as I usually feed them around 6pm then change water, so ammonia drops to 0ppm but by the morning it is up to 0.5ppm

that would also be having an effect on their bent tail?

oh one thing I forgot to mention, I didnt realise I had dropped 3 albino fry in a tank that was outside in my garage. That tank had no filter no areation nothing, it had a little bit of algae in it and some mosquitos larveae, it was only as week that I notice those 3 albino fry in it. I found it strange how they survived. I tested the water ammonia 0 nitrite 0 and nitrate 5ppm. So in a way that algae n mosquitos larveae had cycled that tank with no filter and was just enough to support thosw 3 albino fry. They rvmore or less same size as my albino fry at 3 to 4cweeks old.

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The bent tail can have several causes (genetic, environmental, aso) Hard to say.

I'd try to change the feedingroutine a bit.
Smaller portions divided over the day (I fed mine three times a day and did WC's before the last feeding. As said : I used microworms. My first batch was a disaster when I didn't had those !
There will be a lot of micro-critters is the tank as wel (corys hardly feed on algae) so they will survive on that.

Funny thing is if left alone Mother Nature cares for her creatures quite wll. As soon as we interfere issues wil start woohahahaha.
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Here is a photo of the parent. The top is the female n bottom is the male. The male was far behind so I had to zoom to get a snap. Do they look healthy? Any signs of TB

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Not to me.

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