Do you think I could do Betta in my community?

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by Steve8719, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. Steve8719Valued MemberMember

    So my mum's Betta recently passed, ☹️. Before she get's another one though, I was thinking I might try one in my 65 gallon community tank, and if it doesn't work out, she could adopt him. My biggest concern is my electric blue ram, which has pretty flowy fins. Other inhabitants are some neon and glolight tetras, a neon blue dwarf gourami, a lonely female swordtail (all her sisters passed), a small school of julli cories, and a bristlenose pleco. I have a decent amount of plants started, but they are taking their sweet time filling in with my lighting. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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  2. el337Fishlore LegendMember

    I wouldn't. It'd be too risky and I think it would have an issue with the height of the tank. Not only that, it isn't temp compatible with your neons and false julii corys. Your betta would like it at 78F min and the neons and corys like it no higher than 75F.

    Your EBR also prefers warmer water than your neons and corys.

  3. mg13Well Known MemberMember

    I second that.

  4. PlatyloverFishlore VIPMember

    I wouldn't put a betta in a tank that large unless you have a ton of plants for him to rest on and make it easy to get air. But like others said they aren't temp compatible.
  5. Steve8719Valued MemberMember

    Hmm. I never thought about the height, and my plants are certainly not tall. I didn't really realize by EBR and neons/Corys weren't great temperature matches either. I've got my tank at about 78 (it's a sticker thermometer, so it's hard to get a precise number). Everyone seems happy enough though.
  6. littleredridingmechValued MemberMember

    The height's not an issue, bettas can live comfortably in 55 gallons (21" tall) as long as they're not rosetails or something. The temp compatibility is certainly an issue but the biggest problem I see is actually the gourami. Bettas and gouramis are FAR too similar to cohabitate peacefully. They'd kill each other over territory.
  7. mg13Well Known MemberMember

    Another thing I was gonna mention, but wasn't sure enough to actually do it. :) Thank you for doing that.
  8. el337Fishlore LegendMember

    I'd get a different thermometer to double check what the temp may actually be. I hear stick-on thermometers are a bit iffy. If you're intent on keeping it at 78F, I'd rehome the neons and corys as keeping them permanently at that temp will shorten their lifespans.
  9. Steve8719Valued MemberMember

    I'm surprised the gourami would be the issue, I thought it would be the EBR because of the fins. Either way, sounds like a bad idea. I really should get a digital thermometer, I've tried lowering the temp with the dial on the heater, but the sticker says 78 day in and day out no matter where I set the dial, haha.

    Liveaquaria says julii's and EBR should be 72-79? But other sites say the EBR should be 79-85, especially if your trying to breed them (I'm not). Re-housing isn't really an option. Is it better to keep the EBR a little cold or the Corys a little warm? I'm guessing 78 is probably a decent compromise? As I said, everyone seems happy. The cories are a quite active and the EBR is very inquisitive.
  10. littleredridingmechValued MemberMember

    Yeah, it's partly that the gourami is very bright but mostly that they would share the same area in the water column. The GBR would stay at the bottom and out of the betta's way (there would still probably be issues) but the gourami comes to the surface to breathe like the betta would. They would see each other, think the other is invading their territory, and fight. Gouramis are peaceful with community fish but if they come across another anabantoid they get nasty.

    I can't answer the temp question but I will say that liveaquaria is inaccurate. Seriously Fish and Fish Base are much more reliable.
  11. Steve8719Valued MemberMember

    Thanks all, very helpful. I will just have to enjoy my mum's Betta after all.
  12. el337Fishlore LegendMember

    Sounds like you will need a better thermometer - digitals or even the glass ones that you suction on are more accurate.

    Liveaquaria is an online fish store. Don't ever go by their stats.

    Again, they may seem fine but keeping them at the extreme ends of their temp range will shorten their lifespans. There's really no overlap between the species.
  13. Steve8719Valued MemberMember

    Thanks, those sites are a lot better and more detailed than the ones I have been using. Seriously fish has the juliis 20-26 C, and the rams 22 - 30 C. Fish base has 23-26 and 27-30 respectively. :confused: It sounds like the temperature ranges are pretty subjective and imprecise across the board.

    It does sound like I'm a bit too high for the cories, but the EBR is ok being lower. I should probably try and lower the tank to 24-25 then? Or 75-77 F. I will need a new thermometer to do that, I'll try and get one next time I'm out. I want everyone as happy as possible, but I am hesitant to mess with it though, the old don't mess with success adage.
  14. el337Fishlore LegendMember

    The upper/lower temps provided on those sites represent what they experience seasonally in the wild. Since we're keeping them in our tanks at a consistent temp, we need to keep them in the mid ranges which means the ram would do best around 80 but that would be far too warm for the corys and neons.
  15. Steve8719Valued MemberMember

    Gotcha. Thanks

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