do you pre heat water?

do you pre heat your change water ?
I read somewhere you should, but how would you do it? I don't on my big tank as I slowly drip fill over an half hour per bucket (10 l ) takes ages,
but I do on small 10gal as it has no above shelf , by floating a metal cup in with boiling water
whats the best way??
how do you do it?
I use a python to do my waterchanges/vaccuming so I just turn my hot water on and get the water to the same temp as the tank water.
I would make sure any water you put in the tank has the same temp as the tank, if it is too hot it will have a lower disolved Oxygen content, and too cold can make them vulnerable to getting sick.
I just fill with buckets (lots of!) tepid water
If you are using a bucket to refill your tank, you can always set your tap water to the closest temperature of your tank.
Yeah. You should always match the water temp. If the temp changes enough, it can send the fish into shock, as they don't have any sort of internal temperature regulation.
Oddly, in my apartment, full cold at the tap is about 78F... Works out well I guess, but that makes me feel like I am getting the short end of the stick on my "cold" water!
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