Do You Overfeed?

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I'm just curious as to how many people feel like they overfeed their fish? I know for a fact I do.
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That makes two of us. Lol
75g Discus Tank
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I end up overfeeding.

I feed the right amount, but then I see some of my fish didn't get some food, so I always end up overfeeding.
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Definitely overfeed. Just ask the snail population explosion in my 55.

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who sees somebody didn't get supper/breakfast and overcompensates.

Bah, what's another water change, right?
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Yes. I have mollies that are the most gluttonous fish I have ever seen. I have taken to feeding them and then after they eat I feed granules that get down to the corys. I noticed that they were getting thin and at the beginning stages of not looking well. This is only an issue in the 150. But with the filtration (1,420 GPH) and proper maintenance it is not an issue.
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Add me to that list also, I have 11 tanks and a glutton for punishment on W/C.
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I do! Not a problem with the Goldie’s because they eat everything they can find. I’m always amazed though at how much food I vac up with the tropicals.
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I do too. But, I'm trying to grow out big Discus.
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I spent some time reading a bunch of threads on overfeeding on various forums I still can't say that I understand completely how to feed properly.

I mean, I have a some general ideas like not feeding so much that there's extra food left to pollute the tank. Feed enough that they finish it in 2-3 mins. If the fish start to look fat, I'm overfeeding. Fasting them one day a week is often recommended.

I find it hard as often one fish is a pig while the others don't seem to get enough.

I also figure that I gave a little more leeway with fish that are still growing. I guess I have the general idea but I still think I overdo it. I guess I need to start schedule the fasting days to compensate.
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I actually don’t overfeed.
My tank only gets food every other day because I had forgotten or was too busy, but it really helps cut down on water pollution.
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I used to over feed but I've cut down for everyone but my frogs. My frogs are probably horribly over fed cuz I give them food whenever they throw a tantrum while begging.

I've essentially trained my frogs to have tantrums. Yaaayyy xP

I might over feed my betta girls a bit too since I'm training them but I try not to.
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I very much try to make a conscious effort not to overfeed any of my pets. Coming from a shelter and animal medicine background, excess weight in pets causes all sorts of completely avoidable health problems, no matter the species. Fatty liver is common in anything too heavy, and I read an article once by a veterinarian who saw it happening even in fish he necropsied.

Of course, I want to overfeed even though it doesn't feel like I am overdoing in the moment - plump pets seem healthier and happier, and who can say no to something begging for a treat? The fish by far have been the easiest keep track of thankfully!
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I don't over feed.

I feed a variety of food and I will fast them for 2 or 3 days every week or so.

But my fish get as many shrimps as they can hunt down and I buy another 50 whenever I swap my co2 canister.
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Me too, at first I feed the perfect amount, but then I walk past and see my Goldfish look hungry... you know where it goes from there..
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I'm guilty. I've got livebearers and I figure the fry are only going to get the scraps so I better put plenty of food in their tank. I change a lot of water.
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I try not to overfeed but they get so excited at meal time and that makes me excited and we share the excitement leading to more food
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not necessarily overfeeding, but feeding more frequently than some would recommend.

I feed just enough that my Comets can eat within a minute. but I feed 3 times a day. when I get up for work at 445am, when I get home from work at 245pm, and before going to be at 8pm.

I test weekly, weekly water changes, vacuum and run water polisher 3 times per week.
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I over feed for sure .I change water a lot .
Like the guy who mows his lawn then turns on the sprinklers ?
Lets remember that overfeeding does not need to leave uneaten food laying around . All food eaten or not turns to waste ?
I am the guy who waters his lawn after he mows it .
I change water to clean it up and feed fish right after !
They always eat after clean water !
Trying to grow fry makes overfeeding easy but also makes water changes even more important IMO..

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