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Do you name your fish?

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But of Corse

My Betta's are named after Alien Characters
My Goldies are
Bruiser and Bugsy


I don't name all my fish but I did name my one yo yo loach yoshI hes my favorite!


I name the fish I can distinguish from one another, like my betta and my angelfish. Fish like my cory cats and my scissortail rasboras all look alike and so I can't bring myself to name them for fear I may call one by the wrong name.



Most of my larger fish have names 2 silver sharks are Bruce and Dexter, 2Clown Loaches are Laurel & Hardy,3 JolI cats are batman robin and joker 3 Black widow tetras are the 3 amigos 4 angels (see previous post) and so the list goes on. You may think i'm strange but people name dogs and cats etc so why not fish and I swear that the bigger fish do actually respond to their name, or is it just me? thinking they do because it's what I want to believe???




armadillo said:
I don't name them out of superstition. I figure as long as I just call them by their description ('fatty', 'circus freak', 'ginger head', 'brown sucker', etc. you get the gist), they'll do fine, but the day I give them a name...

how mean of u.
just kidding lol I don't name either wat so ever.

circus freaks nice


vin said:
I don't name them, but my son named his Neon Blue Dwarf GouramI "Bubba" because he'll occasionally chase the other fish away from his spot. He calls him "Bubba the Bully".
That is so funny!


I name all my fish.

Seraph the gold angelfish
Blue Angel the blue blushing angelfish (named her after the Blue Angels :cool
Akula the RTBS (the Russian word for "Shark," but I really named her after the Russian Akula class submarines)
Zig the neon tetra
Dart the neon tetra
Jamie the peppered corydoras (I used to have one named Adam )
Bandit the panda corydoras
Bono the hybrid corydoras
The Edge the hybrid corydoras
Archimedes the otocinclus
Adrian the otocinclus

My sisters also each have an albino corydoras. Megan named hers Keto, I think. Shaina, however, wants to name her fish but whenever she comes up with a good name she changes it. So right now, its name is just "The Pink Catfish." My sister who owns Pink is only 4 years old...

As you can see, I like to name my fish after military vehicles. Only a matter of time before I get one and name it MiG.


I just got some cockatoo cichlids. The male is Dimitri, and the female is...wait for it...MiG. Somebody stop me.


I totally do. Nyko & Gary III. (Yep- he's my third Gary)

Nate McFin

I have all Cardinal Tetras and I can't really tell them apart so I named them all Pope John Paul...the 1st, the 2nd,3rd,4th,5th, etc. LOL
Except for 1 that I know is a female and her name is Cleo (named after Cleotetra) hehe

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