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This is the thread about the "Did you know" box in the sidebar and how to turn it on/off:
Did you know box... | Forum Announcements/Suggestions Forum | 485942

Here is the list of all of them. They display randomly.

1 You can report spam or inappropriate content so it can be removed:

2 You can change your username: link

3 You can multi-quote multiple replies to your posts. Learn how to here: link

4 Back to back posts (made by yourself) in the same thread within 4 hours get merged automatically.

5 We have gurus on all sorts of fish keeping subjects.  Gurus are members that have shown great knowledge in a particular area.  You have to get nominated by your fellow members and moderators have to approve guru nominations. To read more about the guru badges go here: link

6 We have some very simple rules that need to be followed. Read the rules here: link

7 Members need 50 posts to use the buy, sell, trade forum.  50 posts are needed to use the private message conversation system too.

8 Please respect copyright and do not use copyrighted photos found on the internet in your posts. Please only post your OWN photos/videos. Use links to copyrighted content if you would like to share.

9 Don't leave your fellow members hangin... Check out the Unanswered Threads page: link

10 You can show off your tank builds! links

11 Win some money by winning a photo contest! $20 goes to the winner each month.  Go to the current month's contest to submit your entries: link

12 To add a youtube video to a post, just copy/paste the URL to the video from your browser's address bar into the post.  The forum will embed it automatically. The link from youtube should look similar to this: link

13 New tank setups go through a nitrogen cycle than can be very harmful for your livestock.  Learn more about this important cycle here: link

14 We have a calculator page with many calculators you might need while running your aquarium. Aquarium volume, temperature conversions, heater size needed, etc. See here: link

15 Fish are one of the most popular pets in America and aquarium keeping is one of the fastest growing hobbies...  Nearly 12% of all households in the USA own at least 1 fish. Freshwater is still way more popular most likely due to initial setup costs.

16 You can Buy/Sell/Trade with your fellow members!  You just need 50 posts. link

17 We have aquarium plant care profiles with pictures and care information! link

18 Lots of saltwater, coral and freshwater fish care profiles with pictures and care information via links below. link

19 The article section is comprised of articles written by your fellow FishLore members on a range of aquarium topics.  Check them out below: link

20 If you would like to learn more about your fellow members we have an "interview" section where you can request to be interviewed! link

21 New phones these days take HUGE sized photos.  The original huge size photo is completely unnecessary for web browsing and they can really slow down the browsing experience. Luckily, photos attached to posts are resized automatically to 1200 pixels by the forum software depending on the orientation of the photo.  This saves bandwidth, storage space and your data plan.

22 You can learn how to set up a coral reef tank here: link

23 Ryan has some excellent threads on starting a saltwater aquarium: links

24 To add a link to a post, just copy the URL from the address bar of your web browser and then paste it into your post. The forum will automatically turn it into a clickable link for you.

25 The advanced forum search is actually rather good once you get used to it. You can search within threads, you can specify which sub-forums to search, you can search photos in the photo gallery section, etc. Check it out:  link

26 We have downloadable e-books?  Find them below: link

27 Most of the different sections (sub-forums) have a list of sticky threads at the top of the first page which you should DEFINITELY check out.  They are some of the best and/or most informative threads here!

28 A wise old fella once said that it's ok to lose the receipt on the way home from the store at times... especially on those more expensive aquarium items. 

29 The inch per gallon rule is super silly and has caused more harm than good over the years. Please don't follow that "rule" to stock your aquarium.  Way more goes into the stocking calculation than simply fish size. Seriously. We have entire forums dedicated to just stocking discussions!

30 New members need at least 3 posts before they can add/edit their aquarium details on the account details page

31 Don't forget to say hello and welcome new members! Feeling welcome here can go a long way as to how advice is accepted or rejected. link

32 Used aquarium water (with no medications in it) can be good for watering your plants!  Have you done a water change lately?

33 You can see a list of all the moderators by going to: link

34 "Bettas, they aren't fish, more like puppies in a fish suit."<br />(Tazmiche)

35 Taking aquarium and fish photos can be difficult at times.   Fortunately, Thunder_o_b wrote some good threads with tips on taking good aquarium/fish photos: links

36 Are you tired of getting tank water in your mouth while starting the gravel vac siphon? If so, you might wanna watch this quick and simple video on how to get the siphon started w/out tasting the tank water! link

37 You can re-generate Seachem Purigen. Here's how: link

Are you finding this helpful?

Do you have any ideas for DYK's (Did You Knows) to add?

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I have noticed it, but since i usually have to give special effort to notice it, i think that means it certainly isn't intrusive.
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I think it’s cool. Helps new members especially.
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I think its a fun addition and gives a little note to some people who didn't know a fun fact.
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I hadn't noticed it until you pointed it out. I will check it out going forward if it remains!
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I think it could be executed better. As a mobile user, in portrait mode I have to scroll to the bottom of a screen I would never otherwise scroll to too see it. If something like this was implemented in a way as a welcome message, or stickied to the top of the tool bar at the top it would be awesome.

If the design allowed for a scrolling tool bar, on mobile view, it would be nice if at forum/events home/rest the daily tip/did you know was displayed, and as you begin to scroll down the normal tool bar scrolled and locked to look like it does now.

Attached is the tool bar I see on mobile, if you could leave it the same size with floating scroll to show the "did you know" it would be handy. Otherwise as a mobile user, it's not that I dislike it, but why have a feature that's never seen that should be geared towards helping the average or less than average user, it should be front and center like a hide-able welcome mat. If it's never seen it's a usage of design and upkeep time that could be used elsewhere.
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Yes, you know I liked it already!

Edit ......Hey you moved it to the top even better!
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Nice addition. At first I thought "Good" for newbies. But... I actually learned something.

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Yeah, I really like it. It's fun!
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I like it, it could definitely be a huge help to new members.
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It will definitely help newcomers. I don't really like it, but I can just turn it off. And I am really glad you do that every time, just in case someone doesn't like it. But yes, I like the idea for new members.
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DYK Ideas:
Setup your own signature by clicking your name image and going to Signature.
MTS can mean Multi-Tank Syndrome or Malaysian Trumpet snails... both multiple about the same rate.
You can setup MFA by by going to your name and going to Password and Security.
You can setup your own image by clicking your name and clicking edit on the avatar.

These need wordsmithing/etc but some quick ideas that came to mind.

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