do you have a quarantine tank?

do you have a quarantine tank?

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no sadly I dont, my parents don't see the point
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same here I'm try t convince mine to let me get one and anther tank
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I don't currently have one, but I am planning to get one soon, when I stock my next tank. I highly recommend one to anyone with fish, since fish can get sick at any time (which just happened to me).
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wish I had one...and will get one once I start the salt water tank thing
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Just got one, but it still needs to cycle. Am thinking of a second quarantaine tank. I've seen the cutest miniature version of my hexa tank!
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yes I have one, but it's not cycled yet. Will be setting it up soon.

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I do not have one but am planning on setting one up as a hospital tank. At the time I hape inexpensive and simple fish that haven't been sick and are easily replaced. I know it sound mean but I would try to help the fishI f I could. The quaantine tank just isn't in the budget...yet. what is a good size for a qarantine tank and is it totally necessary.
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we have 1 tank now and hope to expand that to 3 when we're able to.. if we can stop buying Bettas.
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I have a 10 gallon hospital tank. This was my first tank and it works great, even though I don't have to use it much.
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I had a quarantine tank, but I couldn't figure out how to keep it cycled in between adding fish. It was good cause I used it to clear up the ich on my neon tetras, but a couple weeks later when I put an angel in there it died. I know that there is a way to do it, but it just wasn't working for me. Now my tanks are pretty much stocked, but next time I set up a tank I plan on getting another one.
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I don't generally find it necessary for me. I kept fish for a long time, years ago... and the one and only time I used a hospital tank was when my dad bought an oscar that was already sick... he was so bad off that I honestly didn't think he'd make it, but he pulled through and became the meanest one he had.
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We have one. Some of our tanks are just too big to we need a smaller one. Less cost on meds.
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I am now using my other 29 gallon as a QT... wanted to shut it down, but thought, may as well use it if I need it for sick fish... Not going to add any fish in there so will have to keep an eye on the water perimeters to keep it cycled.

~ kate
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I have a 2 Gallon for a smaller fish quarantine, and a 25-29 gallon as a larger fish quarantine. however, I ended up putting a big 8" Midas Cichlid in it because he was too agressive, not sick.
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We Q all fish that come into the fishhouse.
Since most tanks are kept 1-2 species only ( usually a pleco and whatever is the main fish for the tank) we do not run into any problems.

I HIGHLY recommend that all new fish be quarntined.
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I voted no, since I currently don't have ANY fish, and my cycling tank is for just one betta. If/when MTS strikes, I'll create a quarantine setup.
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We've always got some empty tanks now that can be setup in a hurry for a Q. tank. We just need to order a few more heaters after I tossed the Tetra heaters in the trash.
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Well, I bought a tank that was to be a quarantine, but it ended up with a betta in it somehow... ;D
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nope don't have one..but I have three tanks full of fish..all freshwater
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I currently have a 5gal for a hospital tank but I was thinking of using one of my 10's
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I currently have two running as I have two new baby bettas that just arrived. I keep one running a cycled or a bunch of sponge filters bubbling in my bigger tanks all the time so that one can be set up at a moments notice. My quarantine tanks are 5 gallons and 9.25 gallons.

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I don't technically have a Q tank.

The last time I bought 3 new fish, I kept the 2 serpae in a 1.5 bowl on top of one of those heat pads for reptiles.
I kept the neon in a 1.5g hex with one of those jr. heaters.
I added gravel to both from my established 10g.
I did daily water changes.

I know that wasn't the proper way....honestly, I only went into the store to buy food and came out with 3 fish.

I don't know if this has been done, if so point me in the right would be helpful to have a sticky in the beginners section on the proper way of setting up and maintaining one.
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I don't, I would if I had the room
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I actually have two 10 gallons set up, one unheated with MTS snails, it is filtered, and I do feed it now and again. The other has MTS and cherry red shrimp, to keep it cycled, and it is heated, filtered, and fed.....

To tell you the truth though, very few fish I have ever put over into a hospital tank do well, and I am leary of using some meds I other wise could in with my I guess that makes me a poor doctor.
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No, I don't have a QT. Is it important to have one? Honestly, I don't know where I would put another tank. . . . I'm already making plans to put my 5 gallon somewhere else and put my (future) 10 gallon on my stand, but I really don't have anymore room.
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Yes and no to be honest -
I bought a smaller 30l tank to use as my hospital tank but ended up setting it up and I liked how it looked so now I'm cycling it ready to just use it as a smaller ornamental tank in another room!

I'll probably just use another tank which I have as and when - I simply don't have room for a 3rd tank just to sit empty until I need it...
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I have a 20 gallon hospital tank. Having a saltwater tank, it's kinda of necessity. Right now I've got some live rock curing...if it ever finishes curing!!
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How timely!

I have a 10 gallon to QT fish and stuff going into my planted 55.

For about a week now I've had 4 tiny (biggest ~1") otocincolus in there with some ghost shrimp. I want to put some size on the Otos before I put them in the 55 so they don't feed the full grown Yo-yo. There's already a full grown Oto there so I know once they're big enough they will be safe. Same with the ghost shrimp. Actually I'm curious if I can put some Amanos in there and figure if full grown ghost shrimp survive then Amano shrimp have a good chance. So for those time isn't so much an issue as size. I have the tank by a south window to encourage algae for the otos. I also have it about half full of overgrown Hornwort from the 55 so cycle wise I should be OK, I filled it without about 1/2 water from a water change in the main tank and 1/2 treated tap water. There is no gravel and I have a foam filter. The water clouded a bit after I added the shrimp and otos but cleared up the next day. (Tests for ammonia, nitrate, nitrite showed maybe a little bit of nitrite. It was hard to tell because the colors for the first 'positive' and 0 are real close.)

Tonight I added 4 SAEs to the QT tank and I'm wondering how long I should QT healthy fish before introducing them to the main tank. There's a lot more food ifor them in the main tank, though maybe they'll like the spinach that the 6tos are so fond of.

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I don't have one simply because I don't have one I would be okay if I had one or not.
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My second tank, a small 5.5gal, was set from day one to be the hospital/quarantine tank, it was my excuse to go full-blown into MTS.
Since I'm setting tanks up (#4 & #5 at the moment, #6 I just began paying for it) it is actually housing three fancy guppies (1male, 2females) and Edda, the female Betta (whose home is the 10gal). I used it already for an "emergency" with my young 5" Tiguer Oscar, Moon (turned out to be stress, thankfully).

Having a quarantine/hospital tank was handy, useful, and honestly a relief for me, since I could place the fish in a breeder net, lower the water tank level to simulate shallow water, hooked a bigger filter to increase levels of dissolved O2 and watch through the night.

I keep it running 24/7, and intend to leave the fancy guppies living there so it remains cycled. Keeping parameters in check in such a small tank is not that easy, requires more frequent substrate vacumm (weekly). It has sand substrate, several plants, and a few snails, as well as two small filters and one mid size airstone. I usually perform partial water changes twice a week -piece of cake though.

I have in mind purchasing a wide (30"x18"x12") tank to use it for quarantine (thanks to steveangela 1 reinforcement) with the large fish I'm going to keep with the Oscar, that could also become a breeder/fry tank for other species (I dream about breeding Red-Salmon Rainbows).

Santo Domingo
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Yes, I do, but I don't always use it. Bleh.
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I have a 110 gallon quarantine tank and a 29 gallon regular tank. <sigh> This was NOT what I intended!
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I've got an empty 10 and 5 gal that I could turn in into a qt tank if the need arose. However since all my fish are in their own separate tanks I don't need to worry about QTing them. If I ever add any more fish to their tanks then I'll probably set one up.
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I was using a 1.5 hex but I recently bought a medium kritter keeper (about 4g) and a small whisper filter.
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I don't have one now, but that's what I'm planning on asking my parents for at Christmas! ;D
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I setup new tanks as QT tanks, then they become "show tanks" and I need to repeat the process.
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We Q all fish that come into the fish house.

I HIGHLY recommend that all new fish be quarantined.
Amen to that.

I have the 2/10g for QT and one of the 5gs.
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I have a 10 gal that's cycled and I feed it.
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nope, I buy all my fish from the same store to reduce risks because I'm not allowed

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