Do you have a fish that can jump out of the water?

Do you have any fish that have the ability to jump out of the water? If so, what?

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Do you have a fish that can jump out of the water whether it is getting some food or just trying to get away from something? I DO NOT WANT ANYBODY TO TRY AND MAKE THEIR FISH TO JUMP, if it their nature just say so. Just say if you have seen them jump to get something or not.

I have some that jump to get some food that is just above the surface. They are my rasboras, black neons, clown loach(I am as surprised as you), lemon tetras, one of my angel fish(surprisingly enough) and my Gunther's Nothobranch killifish.
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If we're not quick enough to please him, Aslan will jump up for food on our fingers.. or just for the fingers.

One of our platys jumped out of the bowl they were in while I was cleaning the tank. The bowl was in the bathroom on the counter and the tank in the bedroom. Fortunately for her, she jumped out right as I was going by the door and I was able to scoop her up so fast and back into the bowl that i'm not sure which one it was. lol.. one of the 2 blue mickey mouse platys.
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I was surprised to see my clown loach jump for some of the live food that I have to feed to the killifish fry(I put a little to much in and they all died(the food I mean) so I feed them to my fish every day) and it pulled it's whole body out of the wter and was about 1/2" above the water.
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While I'm sure mine could, I have never seen any of them actually do it.
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None of my fish ever jumped out while feeding etc. My sword did once, when in a bucket while I was cleaning the tank. nearly had a heart att. looking for him!!
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Guppies r good jumpers, they never jumped out of the tank but they try to jump out of the net when I perform water change.
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I never had any of my fish jump...until I brought home another red eye tetra. I named him Alex. He's the smallest fish I have, but he sure makes up for it with spunk! The first day he was in the tank, I suddenly heard little was Alex, doing repeated jumps! I warned my boyfriend that he was going to be one we had to watch. :
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i've not noticed mine jump, but the cover is never off the tank for long to see. the guppies are pretty lively and probably would if I removed the cover to feed them rather than through the little flap!
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betta, but only when it sees (or thinks) it sees food.
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All of my fish can jump... None of them have yet.
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All of my fish can jump... None of them have yet.
LOL! they just do it when you're not looking!
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More than likely but I made my versa top super tight all around... So they will just get bruised noses..
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More than likely but I made my versa top super tight all around... So they will just get bruised noses..
awww! lol!!! better than jumping out and going crispy.
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I used to have Oscars that did that ALL THE TIME!!! I love the fish but will never make an attempt at owning them again... ;D
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When I was a kid, a couple of my sister's fish jumped out of the tank and were found crispy on the floor. Although.... they may have been helped in their jumping by the cat... :
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I didn't see my little 12 cent gold fish jump but he did. I was looking at the tank and it seemed a bit more empty so I counted the fish and there was 5 instead of 6. And James ended up finding him and flushed him :'(
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My tiger barbs sometimes jump for food. Ive found my yoyo loach and a tiger barb on the floor once too.
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I just got some rainbowfish that are really active and able to jump out of the tank with no prblem.
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My red shoulder peacock used to jump out of the water trying to get away from my sunshine peacock. Boy is my red shoulder happy that I got rid of sunshine today
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I have a Giant Danio (Or at least he LOOKS like a Giant Danio) who is SUPER fast. His previous owner stated that one day he left the top off and he had jumped out of the tank, but luckily he heard the noise and put him back. This was maybe a few months ago.

While I was moving him into his new home, he jumped a BUNCH of times, pretty darn high too, when I was trying to net him. Few inches above water. It was crazy. He's pretty mellow, but I guess under some circumstances, he's a jumper. Lids on 24/7 now. haha.
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Have you ever had to feed a hungry spottted puffer? If not, then it is very cute. Since it's mouth is different from the other fish, it has to jump just a little bit to get the food. I'm not sure if it is considered jumping but I think it is pretty close, you can hear him/her when they try to get the food, but it only gets a small bit of food.
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Well, I'm sure Cujo (Swordtail) has tried to jump a few times because everyone I've talked to said make sure there is NO open space at the top of your tank, or you'll go home one day and you'll find him dead on the floor. More often than not, when I take of the lid to feed them, it's wet? I'm assuming he's a jumper
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My goldfish jump all the time. I have an outdoor pond and I had to put a little decorative fence all across the back because I would find my fish had jumped out. They only jumped out the back tho, not the front. They jump after the little gnats that hover over the water. Sometimes I think they must play tag. I'll be watching them and they will all be swimming in a circle and the ones in front will speed up until the catch up with the ones that were in the back then slow down while the other ones speed up. When they are swimming around like that sometimes they will jump out of the water as part of their circle. They will also splash me with their tails - I'll be trimming the dead/dying leaves off the water lillies before I feed the fish, and they will all come up and watch me for a while. If I don't feed them right away, they will start swimming around and bump my hand with their noses and splash me with their tails. They are such characters!
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Surprisingly my angels jumped!!!

I was pulling the fry and they went nuts. They were not happy with me. I sucked them out with a small siphon and the male tried to swim up the tube and then proceeded to jump once I took it out of the water. Talk about dedicated parents.
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first one jumped out while we weren't home...

Just today, was cleaning their tank and they were in a smaller one on a chair. My youngest daughter has that "I need to touch and tap everything" going, and went to tap the tank and out came a Female Red Fin onto the carpeting... Very interesting to see. BTW, both of them are ok.

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