Do You Guys Think This Will Support A 60 Gal Tank?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Paulsz, Apr 23, 2017.

  1. Paulsz

    PaulszValued MemberMember


    I have this shelf unit and just wondering if you guys think it would support a 60 gallon tank. The unit is 66 inches x 18 inches and about 30 inches tall. A 60 gallon would fit on top, I'm just worried it won't support the weight. I took out the drawers for you guys to see the inside. What do you think?



    I could also provide more numbers (measurements) or pictures if needed
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  2. MikeRad89

    MikeRad89Well Known MemberMember

    No way I'd try to do that. Need more support in the corners.
  3. AllieSten

    AllieStenFishlore VIPMember

    Nope. It would have to be able to support 600+ lbs. that does not look like it could support half of that.
  4. Zahc

    ZahcWell Known MemberMember

    That's a bit sketchy imo, I wouldn't risk it.
  5. jmaldo

    jmaldoWell Known MemberMember

    You're looking at around 700 lbs., I would not trust it. Don't forget the weight of the dresser, make sure the floor can support the entire setup.
  6. Diesmali

    DiesmaliValued MemberMember

    Maybe with the drawers in...but even then it would be risky.
  7. James17

    James17Well Known MemberMember

    Sorry, no way it supports that tank without adding a good amount of support.
  8. OP

    PaulszValued MemberMember

    Thank you for the input! That was quick :) and yeah I have my 20 gal on there now so Ill leave that there and won't put my 60 gal instead
  9. OnTheFly

    OnTheFlyWell Known MemberMember

    I'm a woodworker so I'll give you my best shot.

    We'll start with the good news. The strength of the vertical lumber would surprise people, provided the joints are solid. You can use a single 2x4 to support one end of a car if you placed it perfectly. It's paneled on three sides which adds tremendous strength and prevents it from racking. (Flexing horizontally at the joints). Unless that paneling is glorified cardboard instead of particle board.

    Here's the bad news. It doesn't match the footprint of your tank so the weight is not bearing directly over the strongest part of the stand. That's a problem if the top is not thick and strong. Most LFS stands are made of particle boards and poorly constructed, but they match the outside dimension of the tank for a reason.

    I think it would probably work, but I don't have to clean up the mess if I'm wrong. If I was going to try it I would fill the aquarium about halfway up and see if the stand wobbles at all. Then make a decision. If it moves horizontally at all I wouldn't do it.
  10. 2211Nighthawk

    2211NighthawkFishlore VIPMember

    Nope. I tend to take risks with my stands but I woulden't trust that.
  11. OP

    PaulszValued MemberMember

    OnTheFly thanks for the info :) but I guess I won't risk it and instead just have my 20 gallon on there
  12. 2211Nighthawk

    2211NighthawkFishlore VIPMember

    If you need a stand, I had ripped the top off a China cabinet that had lots of supports right down the middle, top to bottom front to back. That had a 45 on it and it never had issues.
  13. OP

    PaulszValued MemberMember

    I might just build a stand over the summer. Not sure what to do with the 60 gallon at the moment and I'm a little busy with work so I probably won't get to the tank until summer anyway
  14. JRS

    JRSWell Known MemberMember

    @Paulsz I hope you don't mind if I ask this for my use, maybe it might be an idea for you. @OnTheFly As a woodworker, do you think a 55 could go on top of kitchen cabinets, all plywood construction with a 1 3/4 thick black limba wood counter top?
  15. OP

    PaulszValued MemberMember

    No problem JRS. I already got my answer so I'm good :)
  16. OnTheFly

    OnTheFlyWell Known MemberMember

    It will hold a 20 without question.
  17. OnTheFly

    OnTheFlyWell Known MemberMember

    Yes, easily. You could support 1000+ pounds on a 4ft section of most kitchen cabinets. The thick top is extremely strong. It's all about the racking and sheeting eliminates that. Take a good look at a Petco stand. They look flakey because they are made of junk. The sheeting on all sides is why they don't fail.
  18. JRS

    JRSWell Known MemberMember

    I have a construction background myself but in design, so my instinct says yes. But it is nice to have another opinion. I agree about the petco particle board stands. I personally would be a bit leery putting a 400+ lb tank on them, but I am sure they work otherwise there would be issues.
    Thanks for the confirmation.
  19. OnTheFly

    OnTheFlyWell Known MemberMember

    Your welcome. I am new in the fish hobby after a long break. I want to build some fancy oak stands for a huge tank this winter but I know I would spend a month building it. I own one of those cheezy stands for a 60G. They are strong enough with a wide margin, but only 14" deep so you better put it on a level floor. I bet somebody didn't and tipped one over. Now that would be a really bad day with cichlids flopping around on the living room carpet. :)
  20. Herkimur

    HerkimurWell Known MemberMember

    I looked at the picture and cringed without even reading the text.
    NO Way !
    This is what you need or buy one already made (which is more expensive than buying a saw, the lumber and some screws).