Do You Guys Fast Your Kuhli Loaches?

  1. ap4lmtree

    ap4lmtree Well Known Member Member

    I think my betta stays in one position while coming up a little for air because I overfed her with freeze dried brine shrimp too much everyday, so she probably has swim bladder disorder. I think that is her issue. I'm going to fast her with a pea tomorrow.

    Now, i am thinking that maybe i overfeed my kuhli loaches too. I basically just clean up yesterday's food, then i leave food on the substrate for the whole day. Maybe my kuhli loaches eat too much? I have been leaving just a bunch of omega one shrimp pellts, omega one flake food, hikari sinking wafers or new life spectrum small fish pellets. I just leave a bunch of food out and not monitor nor bother it for the whole day until the next day when i clean it and rotate to a different food.

    It has me wondering why my kuhli loaches aren't glass surfing like they used to do. Some troe to glass surf today, but they look like they are too fat or so to be able to swim adequately. They swim up some and then fall and are not able to swim a lot more. Then, they try to swim up the glass again, but then can't seem to do so, so they give up after a few more tries.

    Whereas, for my new java loaches that i got two days ago, they glass surf all the time and are fine. However, I haven't had them long enough to overfed them by leaving food out all day or by not having a fasting day if i do leave food out all day.

    Should I have a fasting day for all my fish where I dont feed any of them for a whole day? Should I get a bunch of frozen peas and fed all my fish peas for a day or two days a week? Or should i feed all my fish frozen peas in the morning of each day or what?

    apparently, i dont know how to fed any of my fish probably.

    help, thanks
  2. kuhlkid

    kuhlkid Valued Member Member

    Glass surfing tends to be a sign of stress, so I wouldn't mourn that your kuhlis have relaxed. But not being able to swim up is a different matter, and might suggest they're blocked up. I'd see if they'd accept peas--it's a nice, gentle treatment for a scaleless fish.

    And that does sound like a lot of food! Probably too much. Kuhlis are great at sniffing out tiny particles of debris in your substrate, you definitely don't need to be leaving fresh food on the substrate every day. About twice a week I hide away some soaked sinking pellets (I rotate what kind, as you do) for my kuhlis to find, and they also have their chance at the once-a-week zucchini. They spend the rest of their time nosing through the sand for any tasty particulates, and seem to be in the peak of health and mobility :)