Do we have enough room?

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    We currently have a 110 gallon fish tank with 3 yellow labs (1 male and 2 females, about 2 inches). We want a variety of peacocks and haps in this tank. Through a lot of consultation with various sources, the yellow labs are not very aggressive and should get along with everything. We are getting all juvenile fish.

    We would prefer some blue dolphin cichlids; however, I know they need a lot of space. Is our tank big enough?

    Also, because we did a harem ratio with the yellow labs, do we need to do that for all other cichlid species we put in the tank or can we just get 1 male for some of the other species? What ratio of fish works best for what we are trying to accomplish?
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    If you want to do the blue dolphins assuming your talking about the haps they should really be kept in species only tank. Yellow labs do better in a mbuna setup...