Do these number seem normal (day 3 new SW tank) Question

Discussion in 'Saltwater Beginners' started by manilaboy1vic, Jul 30, 2014.

  1. manilaboy1vicNew MemberMember

    Hi - I am running a 29g tank and i just ran the ammonia / nitrite / nitrate test...

    I am seeing:

    Ammonia: 0.25
    Nitrite: 1.0 ppm
    Nitrate: 80 ppm

    Its setup with:

    -29lbs of cured live rock i got from the LFS... fiji rock
    -20lbs of live sand
    -Catalina Water -  

    Currently running:

    -29g (30"L x 12"W x 18"H)
    -2 AC50s -- foam filters and one carbon filter
    -eshopps protien skimmer 75
    -1 425 nano hydor powerhead
    -marineland single bright LED lights

    Also, i filled the tank right after emptying a FW setup.. and I didnt let it dry or wipe down the walls.. I realized a day later.. BB grows on the wall. :(

    The ACs are fairly new my LFS owner to use the same sponge just clean it real good.. was Not alot of gunk on it at all...

    I am wondering if the nitrates are up due the water coming straight from the ocean?? Ive been trying to research the affect of FW BB in a SW tank and alot ive read claim it just kills the bacteria.. Could the high nitrates be from not letting it fully dry??


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  2. manilaboy1vicNew MemberMember

    went to the LFS today, talked to the guy.. he gave me some MB7 to dose the tank with.

    day 4:

    0ish Ammonia
    5ppm Nitrite
    80ppm nitrate

    cleaned the AC 50s best i could.. rid the intakes, impeller, housing of any kind of residue.

    also lost a cichlid to bloat today.. keeping positive tho.

    *Lesson learned.. any readers thinking about converting their FW tank to SW.. empty it out, rinse it clean, wipe it down, let it dry and clean the filters and make them spotless.

    I will use this thread as my log/journey..

    -have an BRS 75 GPD Plus RO/DI unit enroute.. will be able to do large WC every other day if need be.. as long as my water pressure is enough for the RO/DI unit..

    -refractometer enroute
    -heater enroute

    Items i still need:

    -2x powerheads (additional one for tank, one for mixing)
    -BRUTE 10 gal. Gray Trash Container with Lid (Food safe)
    -instant ocean
    -measuring cup
    -big pitcher

    Tomorrow will test water params and do a 5g WC and will possibly dose with MB7 pending test results.
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  3. 1971roadrunnerWell Known MemberMember

    Alright, let's do this. I wouldn't be getting water from the ocean period - sounds like a cool thing to do but NOT (mix it yourself)! Your tank is cycling which is why your getting these #'s which is always nice. MicroBacter 7 should work great just follow the instructions - used it myself to seed my BP reactor. Please remember to just be patient and let it all settle in to a good routine. From what I can tell every thing else sounds copasetic. I'm in a rush to go for a motorcycle ride with friends in the rain-UGGGH, hope I live ???

    *I really like AC's but remember depending on how they are used can be a real nitrate factory and call your mother once a week - later.
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  4. manilaboy1vicNew MemberMember

    Thanks for checking in.. what bike? i have a 600rr myself.. not much rain here in socal ;) easy on those turns..

    I didnt actually take a boat to catalina and gather water ;) although I could ask my buddy to take me out there in his boat.. but its called "catalina water" that the store sells, they must have a huge drum of it cuz it comes out of their plumbing..

    anyway.. expecting my refract and ro/di unit on Tues.. pretty stoked on that.. i went to get water from the LFS two days in a row and i was sick of carrying 10g from store to car, car to APT the second day, ordered the RO/DI unit that night.. ;)

    Im not to excited about the ACs on this tank either.. but I will rinse the media weekly.. im thinking of putting 2 or 3 fish in there max.. im really more interested in corals... which reminds me i need to upgrade my lights, i have a marineland single bright on there.

    orchid dottyback
    catalina goby or six line

    dont want a poop party in there.

    One thing im not sure of, since i have cured live rock (per their sign), do i need to run the lights on it?? i been running lights like 2 or 3 hrs a day, do not want to promote algae growth.. plus im questioning the cured live rock.. im not seeing alot of life on it.. it was out of the water for probably 1.5hrs im guessing.

    will post water params later in the day to keep my log going..
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  5. 1971roadrunnerWell Known MemberMember

    Today was a Ducati 996 monoposto. Anyway the lights are no real matter. If that rock was out of water for well over an hour I cant imagine that much life is left of it and maybe that's (and whatever was in there from the FW) what causing some ammonia etc..readings? I would just move forward with the MB7, cycle fish, testing water param's and get things cycling until stable for now. IMO you should get a juvi panther grouper (joking) - later

    * I would get the trites & trates down and get some decent flow in there before adding the fish according to what I read here.
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  6. manilaboy1vicNew MemberMember

  7. 1971roadrunnerWell Known MemberMember

    Right On! Sounds like good stuff and IMO would consider maybe acclimating a wisely chosen fish for the tank when the trates are around 20 :). Hey, in your above post you mentioned no rain in SoCal, hmmm...according to the news you got plenty and may I suggest trading in your 600rr for a Yamaha YZ250 :). ttyl
  8. manilaboy1vicNew MemberMember

    haha your right.. it did rain in the mountains.. didnt see any of that where i live.. near the beach ;)

    i wouldnt mind adding a DRZ400 to the stable actually.
  9. manilaboy1vicNew MemberMember

    Got some fish going now.. late update.. tested water yesterday..

    0 A
    0 Nitrites
    20 Nitrates

    seems stable so far..

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