Do Texas Cichlid Females Become Black On The Underside

Discussion in 'Texas Cichlid' started by RonJ, Apr 24, 2018.

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    I am back from a 2 weeks trip and I noticed that in my 50G community where a Texas Cichlid juvenile(or short body) was housed become totally black down from the bottom lip to end of analfin.

    Does it indicate spawning coloration? So I have a female right? I have seen my female Flowerhorn also going black like this before. But I have never bred with that female Flowerhorn as she is too small and docile to be tried with my male. And my other male is too small and sexually immature at just 4”.

    So I am assuming it is a spawning coloration for both Texas Cichlid and female Flowerhorns?
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    If she appears bloating then the black color is her gravid spot. However I haven’t heard of one so big. it might be her colors coming out which means she was stressed before (or the other way around)
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    Yes, it is a common color pattern on females of the Genus Herichthys. But it usually shows up only just before they are ready to spawn. Does she seem to have a "boyfriend" in the tank? It is also possible that she might be teaming up with another female. It is rare, but sometimes a female Cichlid will simply lay eggs just to get them out. If they are held too long they can cause her to become eggbound, which can cause a fatal infection.

    Cichlids don't get gravid spots, only livebearers do.
  4. OP

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    I think a green severum is her boyfriend. I moved her out to avoid unwanted agression. She has started losing the colors slowly. She is hardly 3" and short body. I told she has not even reached the age of consent. And I have no space for weird fry now as I already have Classic Kamfa and Flowerhorn F1(F1 as in both parents come from separate places, not siblings. Of couse not WC Flowerhorn, but we heard we have a few escaped and thriving in the wild now) in the making... Only regular fry are by convict feeder fry :( But I do feel sad for my 3 pairs of convicts working over time to make feeders :(
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