Do Salt Baths Work On Rubberlip Plecos?

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    Alex Roman New Member Member

    I am quarantining a rubberlip pleco with ich in a 10 gallon aquarium.

    I took all carbon out of filter.

    I started using the Jungle Ich Clear tablets yeatersay evening and cut one in as they are scaleless fish and says use half strength for scaleless, weak, small, and sensitive fish.

    I took half a tablet in yesterday afternoon, then done a 25% water change and used conditioner.

    Will salt baths work on rubberlips or will I have to keep using the fizz tablets.

    I only again, started using yesterday.
  2. kuhlkid

    kuhlkid Valued Member Member

    Plecos and salt don't mix well--for that reason I've never tried. You've already got meds going, stick to them. Since salt and meds are both stressful in their own ways, it's really better to pick one than to do both. Good luck!! I hope your little guy pulls through!