Do "natural" reef safe ich medicines really work?

Discussion in 'Saltwater Fish Disease' started by BrianR73, Nov 22, 2009.

  1. BrianR73New MemberMember

    Hello Everyone!! I'm new to this forum. I have 55 gallon tank with all that information on my profile. I've been running this tank for about 7 months now, I started off with fish only. I tried to research, take my time, and ask just about everyone how to keep a saltwater aquarium running. All in all, its not been that bad, but I have learned that not all the research in the world will keep you from issues. I have just dealt with every parasite and disease imaginable in a 7 month time. I've dealt with white ICH, black ich, tail rot, you name it! Please tell me there is not ANOTHER kind of ich I haven't dealt with! I finally have everything working well. Hopefully from this forum I can learn more new exciting tips, and give a few of my own.

    My one question that I have pondered for some time with that nasty ich problem is:

    Do those "natural" anti-ich medicines REALLY work? From my experience, it seemed to have made matter worse. Copper fixed the issue, but I lost fish from it. Now I quarantine every new fish I get. But I never really could get a sold answer to my question

    I can list what I have, but if you look im my profile, it will save me time from typing it all out again.
  2. AquaristFishlore LegendMember

    Hello Brian. Welcome to Fish Lore! :sign0016: :animal0068:I've moved your thread to the "Salt Water Fish Disease" section of the forum. I think it may help you to get more responses from Salt members.
  3. harpua2002Fishlore VIPMember

    Knock on wood, in nearly 3 years of reef keeping I have never had to deal with marine ich. However, I read a ton on this forum and others and haven't seen anything positive about the "reef safe" ich treatments. Personally, I have so much more invested in the corals than in fish that I would remove the fish if I were treating. Since you had such a rotten experience with copper treatment, maybe hyposalinity would be less stressful on the fish. I know of folks that don't even treat it, just try to boost the fish's immune system with extra feedings and supplements.
  4. BrianR73New MemberMember

    Ahh thanks for the advice. Believe it or not, copper seems to be the lesser of the evils. Your option combined with copper and a UV sterilizer got rid of the ich. Just wish with all the technology out there there could be a method to get rid of it ON the fish, as opposed to in the water. I dont know if I mentioned that I will never plop a fish in my main tank until I quarantine it first for two weeks. Just not crazy about medicating a fish who may or may not have ich. Seems cruel to me.
  5. harpua2002Fishlore VIPMember

    If you're going to QT, best to do so for 4-6 weeks IMO. If diseases are going to pop up, this will give you time to see symptoms and treat before introducing the fish to the display tank. No reason to medicate for ich that you don't see if your fish is in QT for a month or more.
  6. Kamie427Valued MemberMember

    I have one fish in my tank who has ich currently and I'm using some herbal ich treatment and have been for 7 days and haven't seen any changes. Very frustrating.
  7. reefdudeValued MemberMember

    +1 with what Harpua is saying. If you're not going to QT your new editions at the very least make sure they've been at your LFS for 2 weeks. I, like Harpua, have a ton more invested in coral than fish. I like to call it my garden. I do not QT fish the recomended way simply because I don't have the space or cash flow for a QT tank. Well actually I have the space but it would be in the "toddler zone". I have a 2 year old. Anyway, when introducing a new fish w/o qt my LFS recommends either a slow drip (if you have the set up) or pour a cup of tank water (the tank it's going in) every 5 minutes for abut an hour and a half. This is the method I use and I have never had a problem. However, if you're not dealing with honest people at the LFS on how long that fish had been in the tank you're in trouble. It will mess up your livestock big time. If you have the room and means to a QT tank I highly recommend one. If not, know your LFS on a friend basis or you'll end up very unhappy. Just to emphasize on what Harpua is saying, I've got roughly $350 in fish livestock and well over $1k in coral. Anyway, everyone has different situations, just be as safe as can be!!!:;rocker
  8. nemo addictWell Known MemberMember

    imo natural remedies dont work with ich , I found the best way was copper treatment,
    Having all the above problems with poor fish health i would change who you buy your fish from , and QT as reccomended for 6 weeks where possible, with a uv filter, i run a uv on my main tank and have never had a problem (since running uv) with ich as i keep tangs after the first and last time of a ich problem a uv is a must for me ,, Also as mentioned above with boosting the fish s immune system try adding a b12 vitamin to your fish s diet as this has proved very affective,

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