Do live plants need iron?


I have a couple live plants, java moss, blansea (I think that's what it is), and valisneria spiralis. The Spiralis is a pretty new. It doesn't seem to be growing and it has lost a couple leaves. I was wondering if it needs iron. I don't give my live plants anything (no Co2 or fertilizers Etc.). Would it be a good idea to get some iron supplements? My blansea is doing GREAT! I have had it for over 2 years. If I do need to get iron, what do I get? Any better brands or anything?? I have NO experience in this area. Are there any household products I could use instead or anything like that? Thanks!


Plants do need iron. The way to tell if your plants are iron-starved is that their leaves will turn yellow.
Some plants just don't do well in a given tank. This could be due to water quality (dissolved minerals), amount of light, quality of light, lack of CO2, wrong substrate (some plants don't like trying to weave among the gravel, others do poorly in sandy substrate).
You could try plant tabs, or a Flourish product, though. It's not likely to hurt, and your plants will probably enjoy the extra attention.
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So, you think I should definitely get some stuff? Thanks a lot!


Vallis usually takes a few weeks to settle in so I wouldn't worry too much that it isn't doing so great just yet & like Sirdarksol said, some plants just don't like certain tanks. That said, I would recommend using a complete liquid fertiliser such as Flourish Comprehensive to make sure your plants have all of the nutrients that they need.


i've got corscrew vallis and they died back quite a bit in the first 2 weeks. they seem to be perking up a little now after I added some apI root tabs to the substarate

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I have vallis its the only plant that grows well in my tank.
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Whether you add a supplement can be determined by your substrate.

Using something like Flourite or Eco-complete, or a layer of laterite will generally provide enough Iron for your rooted plants.

You could look at supplements such as the Seachem Flourish Trace, which contains other trace elements as well.

But before you go spending any money, I'd wait for one of our plant experts to offer some advice.

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