Do laundry detergent buckets 'leak' plastic? Important

  1. nippybetta Well Known Member Member

    I have laundry detergent buckets that I use for my water changes and acclimating fish and such. I'm wondering if I can raise fry in them, because they hold more water than what I currently have them in. I don't mind not being able to see from the side, I just need to be able to see them from above. Can I stick them in buckets for a month or two to grow out, or will the buckets 'leak' plastic into the water? I have a filter and everything, this is my only possible obstacle.
  2. LyndaB Fishlore Legend Member

    I would be more concerned with the fact that they were originally used for laundry detergent.

  3. sirdarksol Fishlore Legend Member

    I agree with Lynda that I'd be worried about the detergent. My rule is "if it's touched soap, it is no longer used for aquarium work."

    Depends on the type of plastic. What's the recycling number on the container? If it's 3 or 7, it does leach potentially harmful compounds into the water. 3 contains pthalates and other possibly harmful stuff. 7 can contain something that can disrupt hormones (which could adversely affect fry growth). This appears to only be polycarbonate, though.
  4. nippybetta Well Known Member Member

    The buckets both say 2 inside the recycling triangle. I've used the buckets with my fish for over 6 months and never had any problems. They're very clean. I stuck the fish in one of them for a few hours when I was setting up my 40g tank. I use them for weekly water changes. I'm getting a new tank later today, and it'll have some buckets with it. Maybe I can use one of them if they're big enough.

  5. sirdarksol Fishlore Legend Member

    I don't think those types of plastics leach anything into the water.
  6. cm11599ps Well Known Member Member

    For what it's worth, I used to use one of those buckets and never had a problem. I used it to empty and fill my tank as well as use it as a temporary holding tank when needed. Never had a problem.
  7. Wendy Lubianetsky Well Known Member Member

    I think it would be fine. But what i like better than that, only because it lets in light and is bigger, is storage bins from a hardware store. You know those plastic rectangular bins you use for storage. They have tops which can be altered to fit a pump, and you can choose one with clear sides. That way the light gets into the fish. I had a picture of mine. If I can find it I will post it for you. But you can hang an HOB and a thermometer with no trouble at all. It is its own mini aquarium. I even put a few rocks, plants, and decorations in it to make it feel more homey for the fish. Cost about $7.00 to $9.00. Just an idea.:;id:;2cents:;2cents:;2cents

  8. cm11599ps Well Known Member Member

    I did that once for an emergency tank when I was moving. I would never do it again though. The plastic is very thin and the sides bow out a lot.
  9. nippybetta Well Known Member Member

    Was is a square bucket, cm11599ps? My buckets are all round. I moved the fry, they're pretty cute. I stuck another guppy in the trap, she had 1 baby last night, which is kind of disappointing, because they usually can't eat any fry when they're asleep. He'll be moved to the bucket later today. The guppy fry have already learned to eat at the surface, they're little pigs. I'm gonna have a lot of guppies in a few months.
  10. Wendy Lubianetsky Well Known Member Member

    Congratulations on your guppy babies.

  11. nippybetta Well Known Member Member

    Thanks. I like your new avatar, Wendy.
  12. catsma_97504 Fishlore Legend Member

    I too use recycled laundry soap buckets. In fact, when I carried water that's what I used. Even today I have a couple of buckets I use for many purposes.

    I have used them temporarily. Set up an sponge filter. And set a screen over the top to guard against escapees.

    Heating may be a bit difficult.

    Maybe a tuperware tub would work better? Especially since you will have fry in the container for a couple of months?

    Check out as you may be able to find a small tank that would work better.

    Good luck raising your fry.
  13. nippybetta Well Known Member Member

    I don't think my parents would let me get another tank so soon, I got a 75g yesterday. My room is naturally about 70-75 degrees because the heater in the 40g stinks and needs help. I'm not to concerned about jumping because there are a few inches of bucket left, and the filter doesn't really have anything that could suck up the fry. We'll see though. When I had fry in the 10g the got sucked up, so I'd have to let a few out of the filter every night. They didn't seem to care, but I would prefer not to have that happen.