Do I need to keep Matrix in my tank?

  1. Maxi1 Member Member

    Hi all, since November 2012, I have had most of a 500 ml bottle of Seachem Matrix rocks in my tank in the filter. I think I got it once when I was talking to the Seachem service line about ammonia readings and they suggested it. So now I need the room to put carbon and extra old sponge material to get meds out of tank. I have no idea if this Matrix stuff is of any value in the tank. What do you guys think? The bottle says is bio filter support media that controls ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. Thanks.

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  2. Jim Well Known Member Member

    What kind of filter? What size tank?

  3. Maxi1 Member Member

    Had it in my 29 gallon all this time until I recently got a55 g about 3 weeks ago. When was in the 29, I a usually had good numbers, amm. 0, nitrites 0, nitrates 8. But I always take good care of my tanks, weekly pwc's about 30percent, etc. so now it is in the 55 g which has finished cycling and ich meds dosing is last day so tomorrow I will be putting new filter with carbon in. I use 2 Marineland penguin 200 filters.

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  4. Dolfan Fishlore VIP Member

    You could put the matrix in a media bag and add to the tank for now. Then when you are done with the carbon (1-2 weeks) you can put back in the filter. If you don't have a media bag you could put it on top of the substrate somewhere, it wouldn't be as effective but it would maintain the bacteria alive until you were ready to put back in filter. Matrix needs a little be it of flow to work best, It could be used as a substrate but would be less effective.

  5. Jim Well Known Member Member

    Good advice above OR put the Matrix in one HOB and carbon in the other.
  6. Maxi1 Member Member

    Thanks, all!

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