55 Gallon Tank Do I Need Powerheads?


I have a canister filter with a spray bar. Is that enough current? The one I have goes across the top not along the side. My fish all stay on one side of my tank. Is there a good position for the spray bar or do I need powerheads to avoid dead spots? I have 2 Hydor 425's one aimed at bottom along back wall and one on top circulating where the spray bar doesn't. Are they necessary?


You really don't need powerheads unless you can see dead spots, otherwise, if the filter is strong enough, it should produce adequate flow.

I always liked powerheads, they help move water which does keep it from becoming stagnant, especially in the back corner where the water doesn't touch.
IMO, in your case, powerheads sound fine to have. As long as they aren't causing the fish any physical swimming issues, it should be just fine.


powerhead will be fine in a 55 gallon tank.

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