Do I need an additional Airstone?

  1. VenomGrass

    VenomGrass Valued Member Member

    I have a Juwel 600: Rekord (63Li)

    According to manual it doesn't require an air pump.
    How does the filter put oxygen into the water?

    If it is to do with the water jet - how does the nozzle need to be positioned.
    Thanks a Lot! :;hi1
  2. Nutter

    Nutter Fishlore VIP Member

    I'm not familiar with that particular filter but the only way to oxygenate water is by causing surface disturbance. Oxygen exchange takes place at the surface, not by the injection of bubbles into the water. You need to have enough surface disturbance to break the surface tension of the water. Position the nozzle so that the flow of water is breaking that surface tension & allowing new water to be exposed to the atmosphere. The more surface disturbance the more oxygen exchange that will take place. Wether you need to add an airstone as well is really going to be decided by the final stocking level of your aquarium. If you intend to have a very heavily stocked aquarium you may need the airstone to give extra surface disturbance. Just be aware that the more surface disturbance there is the less co2 will be in the water for your plants to use. If you don't inject co2 of any sort then it won't make any difference to co2 levels but if you use either diy or injected co2 then you will lose a considerable amount of it's benefits due to the co2 being released into the atmosphere by the extra surface disturbance.
  3. OP

    VenomGrass Valued Member Member

    Thank You for that- It solved my question
  4. phil saint

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    hi venomgrass ! i have a juwel rekord 800 (110L). Im assuming your nossel is like mine and can be pointed at the surface ? if so thats all you do, mines been perfect. if you still wanted to get an aeration set iv recently seen (and bought 1 myself) an Elite 802 set it came with the pump (2 outlets on it), a six inch air stone, a bubble disc, 6m of airline and 2 check valves. basicly all you need to get started and it was only £24.


  5. OP

    VenomGrass Valued Member Member

    Cheers Phil! very helpful