Do I need aeration? Question

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    Fishyman New Member Member

    I've worked with labyrinth fishes for over ten years, so no need to rehash the basics here. But this is my first endeavor with fishes who depend entirely upon their gills. :p

    I'm setting up a tank with White Cloud Mountain minnows and need to know the level of aeration required. The setup is a 10gal with a large clump of java moss where five or six minnows will be the sole inhabitants. The filter is an AquaClear HOB power filter. My question is this: does the filter alone disturb the water's surface enough for adequate aeration for these fish?

    Also, if I do need specialized aeration gear, what do you recommend?
  2. cichlidman

    cichlidman Well Known Member Member

    i would say yes the filter should handle it just finr
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    Fishyman New Member Member

    I appreciate it.
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