Do I Need A Co2 System?

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    I am getting ready to set up a 75 gallon freshwater tank. I have a Marquis T5HO dual lamp setup. I plan on having a moderate amount of fairly easy live plants. I also can't avoid having the tank in a room with a lot of natural light and I am worried about algae growth. I keep reading that if you have high output lighting that you should use a CO2 system otherwise your plants may be less robust and even look 'gangly' and there is a much higher chance of having problems with algae.
    What I would like to know is if the CO2 system is necessary to avoid algae and if so how much does an automatic system cost. I am having trouble finding them on line and I'm not quite sure what I am looking for. It also seems that it is pretty high tech so it might be overwhelming for me to maintain. Sorry about the rambling...
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    What you said about the plants being less robust or looking gangly without a CO2 system, I think that only applies to certain plants. I was told on another forum from an experienced aquarist that you can absolutely have a thriving planted tank without a CO2 system, you've just got to choose the right plants or something
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    CO2 seems to not agree with some fish and inverts. I bought 12 bn plecos, 6 went into a CO2 tank and 6 went into a non CO2 tank. These were all from the same brood, in 6 months the 6 in the co2 tank were half the size of the other 6. I bought 50 nerite snails, 25 in each tank, the ones in the co2 all died with in 2 days. A good co2 system will cost you around $375. I find the lighting to be as important as co2, and you can grow a nice plant tank without co2 as long as you have a good plant light. You will get thicker plant growth with co2, but it's hard on your fish. If you live in Nor Cal, I have a co2 system, that part was never used I'll sell you for $225. there are 3 pictures, the first one is a co2 tank, the next 2 are non co2 tanks.

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    Thanks for the offer but I live in Canada!