Do I Need A Circulation Pump

  1. fishboy367 Initiate Member

    I am going to be putting an aquaclear 70 on my ten gallon tank and I know it's overkill but I don't want to do much maintenance and I was thinking since I have so much flow from the 70 do I really need a circulation pump for a reef tank?
  2. stella1979 Well Known Member Member

    I would say, maybe.... The AQ 70 advertises to move 300GPH which is 30 times per hour for a 10 gallon tank. Generally speaking, overturning the tank 20 times per hour is enough for a reef tank. However, you want lots of surface agitation and overall flow around your rock. So, if the AQ70 leaves your tank with slow flow areas or without enough surface movement, then you might want a very small pump, powerhead or wavemaker. Hydor Koralia makes nano circulation pumps that are well liked.

    I have an AQ70 on a 20g long and needed a wavemaker on the opposite end of the tank to improve overall circulation and surface movement.
  3. fishboy367 Initiate Member

    Ok thanks
  4. Nart Well Known Member Member

    +1 with what Stella said.

    Also depends on what you will be keeping in the tank. If it's just some softies and easy LPS corals, that should be more than enough. Just make sure when you have corals in the tank, that nothing sits directly underneath the AQ70's waterfall. If it's too much flow, swap out the impeller for an AQ50 impeller. Also, do not use a sponge in the HOB. either make it a small refug, or just put some extra bio-media, chemi bags (use 1/4 - 1/2 of what's recommended for your tank), and floss on top (change out floss every week).
  5. fishboy367 Initiate Member

    Ok thanks for telling me I would have left the sponge in their if I hadn't known and yes I will just keep soft corals thanks!
  6. Nart Well Known Member Member

    Reason for not using the sponge is because it'll sit there and collect all sorts of detritus on it. Over time, it will just become a nitrate factory.
    So, you'll want something like filter floss so you can toss out each week, and probably rinse the bio-media in old tank water bi-weekly. You'll be surprised with the detritus build up in it.
  7. fishboy367 Initiate Member

    Would doing a Refugium be better or worse because mostly the reason to buy the AC70 was to cut down on the water changes
  8. Nart Well Known Member Member

    It's not recommended you cut down on water changes in nano tanks. Especially so if you are planning to keep fish, inverts, and corals. Small body of water pollutes fairly quickly once you start feeding the tank with food. Therefore you will need to change at least 20% of water per week.

    Also water changes helps replenish exhausted trace mineral.
  9. grantm91 Well Known Member Member

    @fishboy367 on your 10g tank enjoy the ease at which you can knock out a 70% water change if you need to, i loved it in my 16, being able to store your tanks volume of saltwater 2 times over without taking up to much room, its the best thing about nano tanks. I always disagree with the way people say bigger is better for parameters and such, nano tanks are the best in my opinion, easy to re-set and to get to stuff and take things out if the nem hits the fan lol. You had some great advice off the others, just thought id share that with you as i love nano tanks, not gonna preach a water change schedule to you as all tanks vary but just don't skimp, you will have less problems and enjoy the tank more. As @MightyNanoTank said 20% would be an absolute minimum a week, i used to do a 40% every 10 days if i was busy.
  10. stella1979 Well Known Member Member

    Agree with the above. Water has to be prepped before hand anyway so the actual water change takes very little time with smaller tanks.
  11. fishboy367 Initiate Member

    Ok thanks for the advice I just didn't want to use a lot of salt and use the filter with chemi-pure blue and bio-balls with filter floss on top