Do I have wolves in my tank or something???

Discussion in 'konstargirl' started by konstargirl, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. konstargirl

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    Okay this is a little odd that I'm posting this topic, but oh well. Yesterday I found a earthworm on the floor and I took it home to feed to the platies as a little snack because earthworms come out in the rainy seasons or whatever. So I was chopping up the earthworm into small pieces and once I put it in the water and it was alive too, all three platies including the biggest fry were attacking it like a pack of wolves killing and attacking the pray. lol They ate part of it because I guess the worm was too chewing for them to finished... The cory was looking at them like whats gonig on over here. XD

    Has anyone experience something like this???
  2. Meenu

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    Olive, even the title of your thread made me laugh. And then the contents of your post... I can just imagine it.

    Perhaps your "wolves" thought the worm was a vampire? (Twilight reference.)
  3. OP

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    ^LOL I do not know. I didn't realize how agressive that platys are when it comes to eating foods like this earthworm. They almost hurt each other too in the substrates..
  4. bolivianbaby

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    Don't you just love it when you feed favorite treats? A lot of fish are over-enthusiastic eaters. They turn into downright crazies with their favorite treats.

    So glad you're enjoying your fish.:p
  5. OP

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    Hehe. Thanks. I should do this for a living. ^_^
  6. Jaysee

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    yeah, feeding live foods lets you enjoy the fish in a whole different way.
  7. funkman262

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    So true...I recently started raising grindal worms for my fish and I've never seen them so excited to eat before. Even the fry will try to eat worms that are too big for them and it's fun watching them swim around with 1/4" of worm sticking out of their mouths lol. I wish I could feed them nothing but the worms but I'm sure that wouldn't be a great diet for them.