do guppies need salt?

do guppies need salt?

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i've heard mixed info on this. mine don't have salt, but my lfs insists they MUST have salt. that's what he blamed mine dying from... cos I didnt have salt. the guppies I have that survived that 1st week are very fit and healthy without the salt, so I continue to not use it. I always value your opinion over the lfs's .....just wondering what proportion of you view salt as essential.....


Mine don't have salt in their water either. If he was keeping them in salt then it could have affected their successful transfer to different water transfer. SOOO it was the LFS fault they died there is no benefit to keeping healthy guppys in salt water, its just another thing to have to keep up with.


If I had guppies they would have salt... just like my other fish. They do not need it though. I have used salt fine with all of my fish, and have had good results.


We don't use aquarium salt either, our fish prefer cayenne pepper!

At first we put the salt in the tanks, 1 tbsp per 10g, but just have ended up going away from it. It didn't seem to make any noticeable difference either way with our fish.


They don't have to have salt. For a while I didn't have salt and my guppies kept getting sick. Now I have salt and they haven't been sick since. If you just make sure that your water levels are right and that if there's any sign of sickness make sure to take care of it fast. Otherwise it's not that expensive and it take taka a lot. I would suggest it.


Its a waste of finances to use salt in very many freshwater tanks, including guppy tanks, in my opinion. If you know what you're doing you will not get sick fish that often.


for some reason I have problems keeping them alive... so I have just one left and have had it for awhile... cute little boy that has an orange tail... I keep it will tetras, loaches, and rainbow sharks (yes rainbows not red tail, tho I have each)

I voted to having salt even thou I don't have very much in my tanks... I use it at half dose. kinda for extra security and my fish NEVER get sick so I'm guessing I'm doing something right.. I know most say not to have it but I like the fact that my fish don't really die too often

the fish that have died on me have died within a few days of being brought home from the petstore


Guppies would do well to have at least mildly brackish water, but as CWC says, if you're keeping the other matters of the tank in excellent condition, they'll also do well in pure freshwater, as long as it isn't too soft, which can severely stress them out.

Guppies are one of the most adaptable critters on the face of the planet. I agree with butterfly that, if your LFS is keeping guppies with salt, the fact that they didn't tell you this and explain to you how to give them more time to adapt is what killed them. For fish to adjust from fresh to salt or salt to fresh, they need quite a bit of time as the water very slowly adjusts from one to the other. (I suggest to help this process)


No need for salt. Unnecessary for the gups and probably harmful to other fish you may have.


If I had guppies, they wouldn't have salt. It's not necessary, not for them.


no salt for the guppies get your money back if you can, try another supplier. Hope it works out guppies are some of the most attractive and interesting fish you can own.


i've never used salt for guppies and they are usually the fish that do teh best

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