Do goldfish really like eating amphipods/scuds (Hyalella azteca) ?

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    My goldfish are always getting crazy about any live food that I give to them, but they do not get too excited about amphipods. I am not sure if it is really that my fish don't like them so much, or if it is just that the amphipods are way too fast swimming to the bottom of the tank before my fish actually realize that there is a tasty snack for them (as in the video below). I have also tried to feed the amphipods to my fish using a fish net (as I do with worms), but the amphipods are very smart and hide and scape from the goldfish. Again, the goldfish don't really try to eat them from the net, even though they know that that net always brings tasty snacks for them. I have also tried other ways to make the goldfish more aware of the presence of the amphipods, but I didnt have a lot of success and the amphipods just scape and hide in the gravel/plants at the bottom. These scuds are by far the smartest inverts I have ever tried to use as live food for my goldfish, and they seem to easily scape from them. However, after some hours, I am not able to find any amphipod left. Yet, I cannot tell for sure if they are just hiding in the plants or if they are really gone/eaten.
    DOES ANYONE HAVE EXPERIENCE FEEDING GOLDFISH WITH AMPHIPODS? DO THEY REALLY LIKE THEM? Please leave your comments with your experience about amphipods.

    You can take a look on how my fish ignored the amphipods at
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    As I said before, these animals (amphipods) are very fast and smart. As soon as they are released in the tank they seek for hiding places and eventually they dig into the gravel and hide there (take a look at the picture below). So far, I have been successful culturing amphipods in my outdoors bins, but, unfortunately, my fish are unable to catch them and even ignore them. It seems that my fish don’t really get crazy about them (as they would normally do with other creatures such as Daphnia, tubifex, shrimps, bloodworms, or artemia).

    I think I will post another thread describing how I culture the amphipods for other people to try (probably they are great food for other fish), but I think that soon I will stop culturing them as in my case my fish do not benefit too much from them :(

    Yet, before I stop culturing amphipods, I would really like hearing form other people's experiences giving amphipods as live food to your fish


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    I have never fed amphipods, copepods yes..... well truth be told, they grew in my tank, and the fish ate them :)
    Thanks for sharing your experience with them...
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    Thanks Ryan for your post. I cant belive that there is no one else using amphipods as live food for their fish. I would really appreciate some input and people sharing their experiences feeding any type of fish with amphipods.
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    Thanks for sharing your experience:)

    I know this is off-topic, but what kind of plants do you have in the tank if they are live? My goldies refuse to leave anything alone.
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    HI Tigress Hill,
    I have Anubias barteri, A. nana, A. coffeefolia, some Echinodorus ozelot, Microsorum pteropus, and a couple of species that I don’t remember their name anymore (sorry). Before, I also had successfully kept java moss (Vesicularia ubyana), but I didn’t like it and was removed. I also have duckweed. but this one is in my little HOB refugium because they love eating these ones. They also like to eat marimo balls (Cladophora sp), so I removed them too. However, I find that my goldfish will let a lot of plant species alone and wont eat them (even the ones that are supposed to be tasty for them) as long as I feed them regularly and in appropriate amounts, of course with no excess.