Do ghost shrimp hunt other shrimps?


In the last two weeks I've seen a ghost shrimp eating an rcs on three seperate occasions. Each time it was a young shrimp being eaten and by the same ghost shrimp, the one whos probably the biggest in the tank. I just don't understand why its only recently, I've had ghost shrimp in the tank since the very beginning many months ago, and while they love eating up fish who have passed before I even see them, I've never seen them go after something living. It just seems like too much of a coincidence though, since its been so common and I rarely have rcs die of anything other than old age. The only difference I can think of is that I've cut back slightly on feeding fresh food (boiled spinach, squash, etc) but I've added more wafers to make up for it. Anyone ever had ghost shrimp go after living things? Or am i just having an unfortunate death streak with the rcs?


Yep. Ghost shrimp can be killers. Nothing you can really do unfortunately. Ghost shrimp have pincers and are known to hunt/kill other inverts. They are much more aggressive and even predatory, compared to RCS. They like to prey on other weaker shrimp, and have been known to even go after fry.


It depends a bit on the size of the shrimp you are adding. I added some mid-sized amano shrimp to mine and they get along just fine with my ghost shrimp. On another occasion I tried a few smaller types of shrimp ...and they became breakfast.


I've heard from people where their ghost shrimps would randomly go hunting for rcs. It can occur occasionally, sometimes they don't.

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