Do Fluval Bug Bites Aid In Digestion?


I noticed Fluval Tropical Bug Bites have green pea included in the ingredients...I am an experienced aquarist and know that peas aid in digestion and prevent/treat bloat. I'm wondering if dried peas will do the same? Thanks! :)


I feed my fish pea once a week. I used to give a starve day once a week ,now I just give pea on that day. I buy a bag of frozen peas, I put a few in the microwave for a few seconds to slightly cook them. Make sure you remove the skins carefully and just drop the insides into the tank.
The peas are basically a laxative so they prevent constipation and help keep the digestion in good order.
They sink to the bottom and the fish nibble on them.


I recently started feeding my Betta Fluval Bug Bites and have observed smaller but more frequent bowel movements for my guy. He used to go every 3 days or so but now he's going daily. I used to give him Daphinia if there was no BM on day 3 but I haven't had to do that since Bug Bites.

So I would


I’d say the fiber would help with that as well. Peas may help as well. People and animals can love off of freeze dried foods. I know freeze drying foods basically keeps the same nutritional content so I’d suspect yes.

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