Do fish take a lot of your time?

do you find your fish take up alot of time

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when I say a lot of time I don't mean that you find it a chore just that it can sometimes be hard to find time to do major work, ie water changes, tank aranging etc
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not if you look after them regularly
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Yes, sometimes it is a stretch, but it is a labor of love.
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yes sometimes it takes a lot of my time, but my fish are my de-stressors. I'm always piddling in my tanks so don't tend to let the work pile up.
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I only have one 10-gal, and I find myself wishing my other pets didn't take up so much time!--not that I really care.
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No for me only as Ive only got one 16 gallon tank, but I enjoy my time cleaning it etc.
Miss Mouse
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I love just messing around with water etc I'm always sticking my feet in the pond (see photos in the photo section) or cleaning out one of the tanks - for me its a de stressor too
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If I can manage to do a little every few days ( trim plants ect.) then my water changes don't take me long at all.

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I've been in the hobby 2 months and have enjoyed nearly every minute of it. I like taking care of my fish and spend much more time watching them, than working on their needs. It's fun!
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It is like a second job.
But one I enjoy.
About 2 hours work a day and 4-6 on Sunday.

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nah! not really I enjoy it ;D
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I spend about 1 to 3 hours cleaning and a lot of time just sitting there watching's better than t.v. ;D
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No, they are my "job", my friends, my little family and my hobby all in one.  I am at home nearly 24/7 and they keep me company when I am for the most part alone here.  The time I spend with them is a real joy.  I talk to them and have been known to "sing" to them.  (believe it or not they seem to like music.)  I put the television on the Animal Planet for them or I put the Aquarium DVD in for them and the DO watch.  Azul has even flared at some of the fish.     It is SO hard not to spoil them and do something like overfeeding (I was already in trouble with that in Azul's case and had to correct it.  :-[ ) when I know "tough love" is what is called for.  They are just like my kids and probably just as loved, so I could never accuse them of taking what I freely give.   :-*


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I only spend about 2 hours (at a relaxed pace) on my tank a week doing actual "work" on it. That is small in comparison to the amount of time I watch the fish, fiddle with the plants, laughing at the corys fight the ghosties for pellets and whatnot. If it were more "work" I doubt it would have held my attention this long.
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We kinda spread the work out between the two of us...but yes it takes up a lot of our time. Between setting up a tank, feeding fish, buying & selling fish & fish stuff, rearranging the tank and reading up on fish related topics. And all the time spent just staring at the tanks.
You could say when do we have time for other stuff?
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It takes a lot of time, but I love every minute of it. When water changes become laborous it makes it so worth it to see the fishies swimming around happily afterwards. I think to be in this hobby, you have to love the work.
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They do take up a lot of time, but it's worth it to see all the fish happy in healthy tanks.
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I said yes it does but I don't consider it a chore. I enjoy it. Some days it's a good 2 or 3 hours. Others hardly anything. But I like it and they're so cool to watch.
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It does take a lot of time butr its time I enjoy so its a good thing..It takes up a lot of time not just because of maitenaince but also because I sometimes get mesmerized and can't seem to stop staring at the dand fish for long periods of time.
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I'm sure my filter sizes have a lot to do with it and I have a few nice clean up crews but I can't say it takes me long to do any maintance. I know right now I've been finding it a little hard since I can hardly stand or walk but my family has been helping me with the basics (feeding them, testing the water, checking in on them, making sure the heaters are staying constant, etc).

I learned a long time ago that pets are big responsibilities, especially ones who are 100% depentant on you. If there comes a time when I start considering it a bother to keep up the work I think its time I find a better home for my little guys ^_~
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I said yes but I do enjoy my tank. I learned a lot of my fish stuff from my mom though now after being on my own with it for a few years found some of the stuff she told me doesn't really work well. I just came off of a bad week losing fish which is always sad they are like family to me. But so far everyone else seems fine so keep fingers crossed . But yes sometimes I wish other pets were as easy to take care of...its fun keeping my cats away from the fish lol.
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Yes only because I let it and want it to. Can you imagine what the day would be like if you didnt have any 'fish time' to look foreward to during the day? I would be depressed!
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Yes, it takes a lot of my time, but it's a good de-stresser for me and I don't mind it one bit.

My friends and family don't really understand why I spend so much time and energy on my fish... "They're only fish!" ha. only.

I love it, though!
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No, not only do I really enjoy it, but it's not time consuming either. Keeping fish tanks is one of the best hobbies out there, in my opinion. But of course I'd say that.
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the juice is worth the squeeze because fish are great stress releivers so you save money on cigarrettes, gum, stress balls, or whatever soothes you just by taking time to care for some fish.

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