Do fins grow back?


Last night I picked up my two new minI black moors (minI as in youngins...)

When I got home and began the process of putting them into their new home I noticed that one of them wasn't the one I picked out.
And he doesn't seem all that healthy. I believe he is missing part of his top fin and he is noticeably smaller. I've named him Milo.
I was watching them when I fed them this morning and the poor little guy couldn't find the food. He'd get close to it but keep looking.
Meanwhile Mindy, the other Moor, had no problems.

I was a little unhappy at first because my lps managed to slip me a fish that I didn't want. But now I know if I brought the fish back they
would probably flush him, or at least not give him a fair chance. So I'm thinking at least in my tank he has that much and I think I will try
to keep him and nurse him. Any suggestions?

Meanwhile Mindy is happy, right as rain! Poor Milo...


Do you have a quarantine tank you could put him in so he wouldn't have to compete with Mindy for food until he's feeling better? Maybe he just needs time to gain some strength. if he survives his fin should grow back.
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No unfortunately I don't have a quarantine tank. Hmm... although I can see why that would help.
Is there anyway to divide a tank? They are the only two fish in a 25gallon tank...

Just a thought...


Saw a few different dividers the other day while just browsing some websites (this is just the first I found on Google just for reference). I have never used them, but they do exist. Someone with more experience can maybe recommend one that's easy to install and has the ability to be adjusted to all the various dimensions of tanks.
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Just on an update, I have been keeping my eye on little Milo.

I think perhaps his fin might be ok and he was just holding it awkwardly against his body
perhaps as a reaction to the stress of his move?

Will keep watching closely and see how things go. But he seems much better this evening!


yeah it takes time for black moors to adjust in their new environment. don't keep any sharp decor in the tank it will hurt their delicate eyes. I think u should set up a hospital tank, u will need one sooner or later. black moors' fin grows back if u give them high protein food and vegetables.

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