Do Emperor Tetras have schooling behaviour?


Do Emperor Tetras, Nematobrycon palmeri show schooling behaviour in larger numbers? or they behave just like black skirt tetras?
I want to try my hand at breeding those and make a big colony, I've heard that from tetras they are one of the easiest to breed.

Thanks in advance!


Emperor tetras are schooling fish. Typically most schooling fish do better in larger numbers. The bigger the group the more comfortable they are and you should see schooling behavior. Black skirt tetras are also schooling fish. IME schooling fish do not always school. Sometimes they shoal or just float around the tank in different areas. I have never tried to breed fish so hopefully someone with that experience can assist.


Male Emperors establish a territory in/near the bushy plants when conditions are right for breeding. In an aquarium, that may be year round. The females tend to shoal together, and when one of them is ready to breed she will split off and go visit her favorite male.

Male territories can be a couple of square feet, and any other males are not tolerated at this time. When an interested female comes along he will dance for her, and if she accepts, they will dart side by side into the foliage. Emperors do not normally release a lot of eggs at one time, but I have seen colony tanks where a handful of fry grow up under the territorial defense of the male.

They can be bred in slightly larger numbers by isolating the females from the males for a couple of weeks , then introducing a pair into the spawning tank together. Once she is done, remove both fish. Spawns using this method can run close to 50 fry at one time.

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