Do convicts remember their fry if separated?


My juvenile convicts recently bred and I was planning on moving them to a larger tank. Today their eggs have hatched and I’d like to move the fry with them as well. If separated for a short time (just to transfer tanks and acclimate), would the parents remember their fry? Would it be better to move them all together in let’s say a bucket? What about moving them separately, parents in a bag/bucket and the fry with a siphon? Should I add the parents or the fry in the new tank first? Or should I put them all in at the same time? Thanks


I don’t have the answer you are looking for .

Would it not be possible to just change some water in the smaller tank daily with a jug for a fortnight or until you can separate the fry for good?

When moving fry I always move them with all their own old water. No need to acclimate that way. Over the next few hours you slowly add more water until the bigger tank is full.

These fry were in a 20 litre tank until yesterday. I have over 24 hours slowly added more water until this 30 odd litre tank is full.

I will take the criticism of my IKEA stand on the chin, yes it’s probably not acceptable for the bigger weight of the 30 litre?
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So I moved them and the parents remembered their babies so that was great! I put the two parents in a plastic bag to acclimate while I vacuumed the babies into a separate tub to acclimate. They were separated for around 15 minutes. In that short time I noticed the females belly turned bright orange again so she most likely believed her babies to be dead. Anyways I put the babies in first and the parents right after and at first the female was putting the babies in her mouth but spit them out and realized it was hers. So now everything’s yada yada. Moral of the story you can separate the parents from the babies for a short time and the parents will remember them and not kill them (at least in my experience)

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