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I'm a firm believer in saving money (money? what's that?) and making my own decor. It's not only fun to be creative, but you also have something unique.

It's easy to make your own trees for your aquascape, either for a forest look or Bonsai.

Buy some driftwood in a shape that appeals to you (spiderwood is good for the forms for Bonsai trees). You will have to weight it and soak it in a pail for weeks until it sinks to the bottom. Then be sure to rinse it well (I recommend boiling water).

Leaves: Decide on the look you want. Any "epiphyte" plant that doesn't have to be rooted is suitable, such as Java ferns, Anubis, numerous kinds of mosses, like Java moss, Fissidens, Christmas moss, etc.

There is no need to bind plants to objects with thread! I swear by Flourish Glue, from Seachem. I know some people say you can use any brand of super glue gel, but I have great experience with Flourish. You can use it to attach plants to rocks, aquarium-safe wood and aquarium-safe ceramic or clay ornaments. It is safe for use in the aquarium.

How to do it: Rinse your plants and then gently dab them dry with paper towels. Your wood will be wet if it no longer floats and is ready to use, just dab it a bit dry with paper towels. Decide where you want the leaves to be. Moss will grow and give a hanging effect. Java fern can make your creation look like a palm tree. Anubis will give yet another effect. Remember that whatever you glue on is going to grow, so that will affect the future look. (You can always prune.)

Wear disposable Nitrile gloves (you don't want to glue your fingers together!) and work on a disposable surface, like a trash bag or baking paper. Work in small bits at a time. Apply some glue and then press a plant onto the wood and hold it in place for a half-minute. The glue will not completely dry yet, but don't worry. Continue until you have placed all your green embellishments on your tree. I like to use a Java fern or Anubis and also add some bits of moss to the "trunk" for a more realistic look. When applying moss, use small plucks and not too close together. It will grow and spread.

Try to work neatly, as the glue turns white when dry and you don't want it to be visible. (Eventually, the new growth will hide it.) The glue need not be thoroughly dry when you put the tree in the water. It can dry underwater.

You can do this with any ornaments for a more natural look.

I also have used unglazed, new terracotta flowerpots in a very small size. You break it in half and cover the top with moss, then lay it on its side on the gravel/sand. It makes a great cave for shrimp, shy fish, spawning fish, etc. and looks natural.

I hope this post is useful for someone.


There are at least a few videos on this as well. Some of the creations i have seen in videos and pictures are quite amazing!
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