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I'm thinking about building my own aquarium as a summer project. I'm planning on a glass tank around a 20 gallon. Also I'm planning on making my own stand. Does anyone have any ideas on a good strong wood to build the stand from? Or does anyone have any sites that have plans for a stand. I also was wondering what people think about the type of glass. Tempored or plate glass?


HI ,have a look at this site its got plans for a good stand ,its for a 135 gallon but you can change the size to suit any tank .Sorry can't help you with the glass thing.


my dad made my tank stand out of 2x4 pieces of pine. it looks sorta crude, even after blk paint and sanding, but it seems strong and can hold 2 10G tanx


  Goodmorning Shpeposer!  I have been looking for sometime now for good ideas on building you own tanks, just yesterday I came across a web site with posts on building a huge aquarium out of plywood!   As far fetched as that sounds, it looks sturdy, and like it might just work.     Another site I found that helps a lot is    this one has a calculator you put in your size and it tells how big to have the glass cut.

A couple of months ago I was in touch with a gentleman in the UK who builds tanks commercially, he told me to use plate glass.   What I wanted to build had to be drilled, and he said he only uses plate. I figures for the drilled portions that would be necessary but he said plate for everything.   He also said 5/8" thick for my estimated 300 gal tank would be safer than the 1/2" the Build Tank site recommends.

Hope this gives you some ideas.   Good Luck.

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Thank you for all your help. susitna-flower, thanks for all the sites and all. That was very helpful. I will keep everyone posted as I go along. Maybe as I go along I can post pictures and info on what works and what doesn't work. Give everyone some ideas. I just built my first tank. It was a minI tank for my betta. I built it out of acrylic. We'll see how that one goes. I test for leaks today.


Awsome, this forum just keeps getting better!
I have two irredecent sharks and a pleco in a 20 gl tank. The sharks are still babies.
I am a little crafty and have done some research on building a tank and it has all been way to complicated.
I will be paying attention to your good works and I thank you.


that's really cool and we'd love to see pics of your DIY tank. ;D

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