DIY stand for bow front tank

  1. scottishduck

    scottishduck Valued Member Member

    I'm not sure which forum would be the best to get answers to this, but I'll post it here because it involves saltwater tanks and building things. Mods, feel free to move it if you want.


    I may be getting a 46 gal bow front tank for pretty cheap (just the tank). In thinking of what I want to do with it, I think a saltwater reef would be great for it. That said, I'll have to build/buy everything else.

    The first thing I'd like to consider building rather than buying is the stand. I know with DIY stands on normal tanks, it's usually the corners that need the support, and not the sides. Does the same hold true for a bowfront tank? Is there anything special about the bowed side that I need to watch out for when it comes to building the stand so that it's all supported properly?

  2. tyguy7760

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    I will say that I know in general, the difference between a stand for an acrylic tank and a stand for a glass tank is that the acrylic tank will need support across the entire bottom of the tank. Meaning with acrylic, the tank can and will bend so you will need a flat surface under the entire bottom of the tank and there should be adequate support underneath. With the glass tanks you just need to have the outer edges supported and the entire middle can be open.

    As far as the bowfront though I'm not sure.