DIY shallow water platform and sand bar

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    I have just started a project in my turtle tank. I am going to try to make a shallow water platform and an area of sand for the turtles to lay eggs. The basic idea is that I will take some old metal poles that was the support structure for a plastic greenhouse that broke and I will cut the metal poles down to size then connect them to form a stand for an old plastic tackle box that I have never used. I will take some wire cutters and cot off the top of the box then I will take a small pocket knife and cut the plastic dividers out then fill the box up with gravel then place it on the stand in the fish tank and have about 2 inches of water covering it then make a nother stand just the same as the previous one except this stand will be about 2 inches taller and do the same thing with another tackle box that I have laying around but this one will sit just above the water and be filled with reptile sand then I will take a thin bord and cut it to size and attach some screen to the wood for the turtles to get a good footing then I will make the screen covered wood into a ramp that extends down frome the sand bar to the shallow water platform then I will make another ramp the same way and attach it to my floating turtle dock and make it a stable bridge between the turtle dock and the sand bar for multiple access points and the best part is that the fish and turtles will be able to swim under the platform and provide a dark for my Pleco to rest during the day. That's bacicly my plan. I would love to hear all your thoughts on this and I will update this thread as I make progress.
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    Well, I'm fascinated. It's a shame no one responded to this thread, but I've been hoping for updates. ;)

    I do notice that posts get more responses when they're broken up into short, easily digestible paragraphs. I'm pretty long-winded sometimes, so I have to remind myself to let my readers breathe every now and then. ;D

    Anyway, I hope this project is going well, and I can't wait to see photos!
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    Hi , Im not sure metal poles would be a good idea , esp' if you have fish in the water. Don't want them rusting.
    I would use plastic .
    other than that it sounds good :)