Diy Partition For A Storage Tote Sump

Discussion in 'Sump' started by Phishy77, Dec 21, 2018.

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    Hi, just wondering if anyone ever made a storage tote sump? If so, I wanted to ask you how can I put in a partition?? I was thinking of doing a layer of cotton filter padding on the bottom, then a layer of barbecue lavarock on top of the filter padding and MAYBE a 3rd layer of plastic pot scrubbies. But I’m not sure how I should include the pump? I was thinking of a partition but not sure how to go about making one. Thanks for any info!
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    Giving this a bump up for you hope our members can help answer your question today
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    There are folks that have done them out of storage totes. One of the things that can be done is either using baffle material and sealant or Flat glass, plastic partitions with sealant. I would skip all the cotton filter padding on the bottom, lavarock and filter padding. It will just become a giant trap for nasties and be a pain to clean to boot. Anything more than a filter sock to trap the nasties is just asking for long term trouble IMHO. Obviously this isn't done in a tote, but if you want to get an idea of a basic baffle partition setup, you can see how mine is done just for design reference:

    The sump is shown at around the 4:45 mark:

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    I would not bother putting partitions in a plastic sump.

    The thing to do is make the sump your pump return chamber and Main biomedia chamber, and sit a smaller tub with in it which is your heater chamber. On top of that is a tub which is your trickle media chamber. On top of that is your first tub which is your coarse and fine mat filters.

    You put whatever holes you need in the chambers so everything trickles down through the mats, the bio media, the heaters, and the Lava Rock/ pump chamber.

    I posted a complete description of this system and I will see if I can locate it.
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    @Ulu it sounds like you are talking about a freshwater sump and not a saltwater sump. As this is posted in a saltwater section, I went with the assumption that this is for a saltwater tank.
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    That looks like a nice tank.

    I'm working on some new designs, mainly relying on sponge plus low flow UGF. I use disposible floss instead of socks, because I don't want to launder socks. I just dump the floss and rinse the tub.

    I am certainly not a saltwater guy.
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    Saltwater tanks are different you don't want all that stuff in a sump as it just becomes a trap for the nasties. Filter socks aren't necessary but I use them on mine to help filter excess debris from the tank. Yes the change out a couple of.times a week can be a pain but I like the fact that I can remove a good portion of the nasties from my setup simply by removing and replacing the sock.
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    I just don't like to use glue if I can avoid it.
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    That's why I would use actual aquarium safe type sealant for the partitions. It's designed for the job.