DIY nitrate filter with pothos plants

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    Hey guys

    I just wanted to share a little about the success I have had in setting up a nitrate filter in my African cichlid tank using Pothos plants in a HOB filter. At first I was thinking this was going to be a failure because the plants would not grow any roots for almost 3 weeks. But in the past week I have had a explosion of root growth and have noticed my nitrate levels getting smaller between water changes.

    Here are some photos and tell me what you think.

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    very nice i love having plants in hob filters
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    Are the plants growing into the sponge? If so how did you get them to do that :eek:

    I have bamboo in my HOB :D I just tossed in some ceramic filter media and put the bamboo ontop. They took really well and have grown a ton

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    Where do you get those plants I WANNA DO THIS!!!
    that is awesome!!
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    I got them at home depot. Try to find one that has grown a good bit so you can get some good clippings from it. I have read on some sites that some people just rinse the roots and place them in the HOB but I was worried about fertilizers getting into the tank. So I started with just clippings.

    They just started rooting into the sponge as soon as the roots started growing. I have been thinking about doing lucky bamboo as well. From the look on your tank it adds a nice touch :)
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    Pothos plant growing inside a HOB filter.

    A little video on a pothos plant growing inside of a HOB filter
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    Good morning,

    You can find Pothos Vines at Walmart, ACE, many many places that sell plants or stores with garden shops. They should be easy to find.

    NOTE: For those with small children and pets, Pothos is listed as a poisonous plant in the link below:

    However, Pothos is NOT listed on the Plants Poisonous to Fish List below:'

    They root very well in water. I've rooted many over the years.

    Great job Folion! Thanks for sharing. :)

    Ken candycane2.gif
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